In Ukraine, the commander of the helicopter regiment of the Russian Armed Forces was eliminated: he was in the downed Ka-52 (photo)

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The Russian colonel was on board the Ka-52 helicopter that had been shot down the day before.

In Ukraine,  the colonel of the Russian Space Forces Vitaly Tabachnikov was liquidated . 

He was the commander of the 112th separate helicopter regiment, which is based in the city of Chita.As noted by aviation blogger Vitaly Trubnikov, the occupier was on board the Ka-52 helicopter, which was shot down by Ukrainian defenders on Tuesday, July 25. 

“Yesterday in the east of Ukraine, a Ka-52 fried an entire colonel of the Russian Air Force, the commander of the 112th separate helicopter regiment based in the city of Chita, with MANPADS.

Thanks to the soldiers of the 38th OBrMP for such an accurate shot!” – he wrote on Facebook .

He also published a screenshot of a publication in the Russian publication “History of Aviation”, which describes the details of the downing of the enemy plane.VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay Video”His crew was already returning.

They were walking at an extremely low altitude. During the crossing of the front line, the enemy’s MANPADS calculations were launched by helicopter,” the photo reads. 

At the same time, the officer of the ZSU Anatoly Shtefan “Stirlitz” shared a photo of the liquidated occupier:

Losses of Russia in Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our military has eliminated 243,680 occupiers. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , 460 invaders were destroyed during the day, July 25, 2023. 

In addition, on July 14, Colonel Yevgeny Vashunin, who led the “Leningrad Regiment”, was liquidated. The Russian Federation noted that he, together with the group, went to the aid of the Russian unit “Storm”, which found itself in an operational environment.

Earlier it became known about the destruction of the commander of the 96th reconnaissance brigade of the occupiers during the war . It is about the enemy colonel Maksym Kharlamov.


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