In Ukraine, the top occupier who led the “Leningrad regiment” was eliminated

Kateryna Chernoval19:35, 24.07.232 min.751

Vashunin was liquidated on July 14.

Russian colonel Yevhen Vashunin was liquidated in Ukraine . He led the “Leningrad Regiment”.

 According to the Russian publication ” FederalPress” , this was reported by the speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Oleksandr Belskyi. 

The top occupant was destroyed on July 14. According to Bielskyi, Vashunin and his group “decided to come to the aid of the Storm detachment, which was surrounded by operatives.”

The colonel and the support group advanced to meet the detachment. Their movement was noticed by the enemy, the commander and his soldiers engaged in battle with the enemy,” he said.

Belskyi added that during the battle, Vashunin was cut off from the group and received a serious wound, as a result of which he died. 

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