In the Russian Federation, it was forbidden to talk about the drone attack on Moscow on TV

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Russian censorship has again distinguished itself with a ridiculous ban.

Russian TV channels were banned from reporting on the UAV attack on Moscow in the morning of July 24. Sources in several editorial offices of Russian television – Russia-24, Moscow-24, RBC and some regional TV channels – told the opposition publication The Insider about this .

Sources say that the ban on covering the topic came 15 minutes before the 11 o’clock newscast, although everyone had already had time to talk about the drone attack in the 10 o’clock broadcast.

“I had to urgently change the layout literally 15 minutes before the broadcast, remove all footage with eyewitnesses and consequences, even the general plans of the streets.

And finish the hron (timekeeping – UNIAN) with everything I could: some international stories that would not even be accepted,” the source said.

Instead of large reports with footage of the scene and eyewitness interviews, the propagandists had to limit themselves to short comments from the Ministry of Defense and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. 

Sources also say that there was no ban on publishing materials on the Internet, so many mass media published their reports on the Internet.It is noteworthy that it was not forbidden to show stories about drone attacks on objects in Crimea, so many news channels began to broadcast stories about the occupied Ukrainian peninsula, and not about their capital.

Drone attack on Moscow on July 24

Early in the morning on July 24, two drones were able to break into the center of Moscow. 

They crashed into two non-residential buildings not far from the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the headquarters of the GRU. 

It is not yet clear whether these hits were planned or the result of anti-aircraft fire.Military expert Roman Svitan noted that the breakthrough of drones to Moscow confirms Russia’s lack of a reliable air defense system capable of protecting the country. According to the expert, the Russians do not have enough air defense systems to protect even Moscow.

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  1. Russian sheep: The attack was not on the news, so it did not happen. Only in the fantasy news of Western Propaganda!

  2. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of ruskies are still talking about it, despite the regime’s attempt to bury the news. I hope they will get a lot more to talk about in the very near future.

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