“We watch with pleasure”: RosTV rejoices at missile strikes on Odessa

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Propagandists openly declare that they will not keep Odessa, because it can then be “rebuilt anew.”

On the air of their TV programs, Russian propagandists rejoice at the missile attacks on Odessa and call for the destruction of Kiev and Lvov.”Of course, we are not aggressors, but we look with pleasure at how we are striking for the third night … retribution,” they say at one of the shows.The propagandists also call for the destruction, apart from Odessa, of Kyiv and Lvov.“Of course, we will not save Odessa.

We will rebuild it later. It will be much easier this way,” the propagandists say.At the same time, they openly declare that they are going to completely destroy the port area.”The opera house must be preserved,” the occupiers say ironically.RosTV rejoices at Russian strikes on Odessa

Rocket attack on Odessa – what is known

Tonight, Russia launched a massive attack on Odessa with five types of missiles.As a result of the strike, people were injured, residential buildings and civilian infrastructure were damaged. 

Also destroyed is an architectural monument under the protection of UNESCO, the symbol of the city –  the Transfiguration Cathedral  of the UOC-MP. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov noted that  the main goal of Russian missile attacks on Odessa  is an attempt to completely isolate Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea.President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that there will definitely be a response to Russian terrorists , they will feel it.

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    • ”Of course, we are not aggressors, but we look with pleasure at how we are striking for the third night”

      And some people are opposed to Ukraine using cluster bombs inside their own country…

      • What do russia have to do before the West declare this shithole a terrorist state? They have committed more terrorism than all the other state sponsors of terrorism, combined.

        • As far as I know, proclaiming a nation a sponsor of terrorism automatically kicks in economic sanctions. At least that’s what Mr. Magoo said and he wasn’t ready for that even though the House and Senate passed bills for that purpose. I guess the next reason would be Kompromat.

  1. These sadist sows are just desperate. They placed so many mines around them that they can’t advance no more themselves. Firing some pyrotechnics from the black sea is all they can do right now.

  2. While we watch with pleasure as orcs and orc military materiel and militarily relevant infrastructure get destroyed, the scummy ruskie fascists watch with pleasure as churches, theaters, schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings get destroyed. It’s sickening to know that we have certain people are on the same side as the scummy fascist ruskies.

    • You’re so right. How the hell can anyone take their side. Only those with no moral values whatsoever. Only those who have kinships with psychopaths.

  3. Sadism at its peak, uninhibited violence elevated to the rank of State doctrine and philosophy of life.

    There is no humanoid group more degenerate than the ORCS.

    No heart, no brain, no soul, no future except a road that will lead them to hell.

    Orcs, all be cursed forever for 1000 years!

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