Twice killed: Russian Nazis could and did repeat the crime of their grandfathers (Editor-in-Chief column)

The nighttime missile attack on Odessa, at its very heart, is yet another act of barbarism committed by a terrorist state.

The cynical enemy deliberately sent his “onyxes” and “calibers” with “Iskanders” to residential buildings where people slept, along architectural monuments of national importance. 

Alas, not without casualties, although things could have been worse.

To say that the inhabitants of Odessa are shocked and angry is to say nothing. Yes, we are already more or less accustomed to regular shelling, however, unlike the same Kharkov and Nikolaev, they have never been massive, and strikes were carried out mainly on the periphery of the city, industrial and infrastructure facilities, only occasionally affecting residential areas.

However, tonight, probably, the majority of citizens have already realized a simple truth: there are no invulnerable people in this war, mortal danger threatens all Ukrainians, regardless of language, place of residence or political views.

There is no such point on the Ukrainian map, wherever a Russian Nazi rocket or bomb could hit.The latter did not have and do not have any internal restrictions. 

The stories that they “spare Russian-speaking Odessa” are nothing more than propaganda stuffing. 

They did not spare the Russian-speaking Kharkiv and Mariupol, did not spare ancient Kyiv, which they consider the cradle of their civilization – they will not spare our God-protected city either. 

And just as today it flew over the Transfiguration Cathedral, which, by the way, was built at the expense of Odessans of different denominations, but got only one subordinate to Moscow, so it will fly over the Opera, and Russov’s house, and God knows where else.

Ukrainian Odessa is a bone in the throat of Putinists, who quite sincerely believe that it should either be Russian, or it will not exist at all. Listen, for example, to this dialogue between the propagandist Solovyov and the fugitive terrorist Markov.

The first option was ruled out by the valiant Defense Forces, which repelled an offensive in the south of the country last year. 

And now, apparently, the enemy headed for the second.Well, they can want a lot, but will it work out? ..Yes, warning comments with theses taken from propaganda manuals – the nature of the damage received by the cathedral clearly indicates a direct hit by a cruise missile. 

This is 100% not a consequence of the work of air defense. The “pencil”, as the military puts it, fell strictly vertically, pierced the religious building through and through and exploded in the lower temple. 

The building’s foundation appears to have been damaged, raising the question of whether it is repairable. If not, then the symbolism of what happened is terrifying and bewitching: a twice-killed temple. 

The grandchildren committed an act similar to that of their grandfathers. They repeated!

There was no military meaning in the strike. Now there is a lot of talk that the Russians are hitting the port infrastructure, trying to complement the renewed naval blockade by destroying the very possibility of transshipment of grain through Ukrainian harbors. 

However, only a part of the events of last night fits into this picture: some of the affected facilities are indeed located not far from the port and the arrivals can be explained by blunders. But to miss all the missiles that overcame the “umbrella” of air defense? 

Yes, this can not be! In other words, this is targeted terror. Show of strength.It is difficult to say what the invaders are counting on. 

I have already written many times: the history of wars of the 20th century shows that rocket and bomb attacks on cities have not once broken the will of the population to resist. Most often, they caused the opposite effect, gave rise to anger and hatred. 

This is what we have been observing for the second year in Ukraine.Hatred!With each new shelling, with each destroyed monument, with each child killed, with each fallen at the front, it grows, gaining a foothold in the mass consciousness and turning into an archetype. 

The crack between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples has long since turned into an abyss, and this abyss is constantly expanding.  Hatred!

The enemy still thinks that he is able to bring the Ukrainians to their knees, not realizing that the point of no return has long been passed. That they will fight to the end. Whatever he is.And that is why Ukraine will definitely win!

Author – Oleg Konstantinov, editor-in-chief of Dumskaya  



  1. There is a special place in hell indeed. May Putin not survive this year for his crimes against God and Man. Slava Ukraini!

    • Many millions of others wish for this demon’s death every day. Me too, of course.

  2. Today will be a new concert of “I strongly condemn…” from the World Chancelleries.

    Just the time between the barbecue and the dessert to tweet 240 useless characters.

    The weakness of the responses of the free world in the face of the despicable crimes of the orcs today leaves Putin to occupy all the media, military and ideological space.

    Failing to give all the weapons that Ukraine needs, the allies should have the decency to put diplomacy under pressure, to organize new sanctions packages, to dismiss ambassadors…

    Do something, instead of crossing your arms!

    This passive attitude is turning against Ukraine. Shame on us!

  3. The evil ruskie trash have no culture. That’s why they don’t care if they destroy churches, museums, schools and so on.

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