Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa received colossal destruction: everything that is known about the bloody attack of the Russian Federation (photo, video)

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There can be no justification for Russian evil, the president stressed.

On the night of Sunday, July 23, the Russian invaders launched another powerful missile attack on Odessa and the region, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) was mutilated in the regional center,   in addition, many more buildings and cars were damaged, dozens of victims and one victim were reported.During the night, an air alert was announced several times in the Odessa region – the first one began at 23:31.

 Several alarms did not last long, but the last one dragged on – lasted from 3:43 to 4:45. 

Rocket attack on the Odessa region today – what is known

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has warned about launches of Kalibr cruise missiles and Onyx supersonic anti-ship missiles in the direction of the southern regions. In addition, it was reported about the launches of enemy X-22 missiles in the direction of the Odessa region.

According to the Yug operational command, the enemy used at least five types of missiles of various bases during the strike on the Odessa region : Iskander-M (ballistics), Iskander-K, Kh-22, Onyx and Caliber. 

The Ukrainian air defense forces eliminated a significant number of enemy air targets.Later, the head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyuk, said that the enemies launched about 20 sea, air and ground-based missiles.

The consequences of the Russian night strike on the Odessa region – what you need to know

As a result of the enemy attack, the port infrastructure was destroyed, at least six residential buildings were damaged, in particular, apartment buildings. Roofs, facades were damaged in many buildings in Odessa, windows were broken. In addition, dozens of cars were damaged.

Two architectural monuments were damaged. On one of the central squares of Odessa, as a result of a Russian missile hit, the Transfiguration Cathedral was mutilated. 

In addition, the House of Scientists and nearby buildings were damaged. It

also became known about the destruction of a private house . A woman was pulled out from under the rubble. She was reported to have miraculously survived.

Odessa Transfiguration Cathedral is seriously damaged – what is known

The building of the cathedral was  seriously damaged , a fire broke out. Orthodox shrines were also damaged. From under the rubble they took out the Kasperovskaya icon of the Mother of God – this is the patroness of Odessa.Cleric of the Odessa diocese of the UOC, Archdeacon Andrei Palchuk, said that the destruction of the religious institution was colossal – “it hit the right side and broke through to minus the first floor.” 

According to him, the foundation of the cathedral, the central piles, half of the building was left without a roof, the stucco molding was damaged, all the windows flew out. 

“There was a fire, the part where icons and candles are sold in the church caught fire,” the archdeacon added.

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The reaction to the Russian strike on Odessa – now it’s worth knowing

The head of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Andriy Yermak, called the attack an undisguised terror of a peaceful city.”Russian terrorists are attacking Odessa again. This is an undisguised terror of a peaceful city.

The enemy must be deprived of the ability to hit civilians and infrastructure. More missile defense systems (anti-missile defense – Ed.), As well as ATACMS (ballistic missiles – Ed.) – this will help Ukraine,” the official said.

Local authorities have also reacted to the tragic shelling – condolences have been expressed to the families and friends of the victim.Palchuk emotionally commented on the serious damage to the cathedral by the Russians .

“Russian creatures got into the cathedral, which was built by the whole of Odessa. It fell right into the altar, everything was simply destroyed in the trash. The cathedral is no more … thank you, Russian brothers … thank you, your holiness (presumably, we are talking about Patriarch Kirill – Ed.), that you got into the very heart of Metropolitan Agafangel (rector of the temple – Ed.). The Mother of God will not forgive you for this,” he said.The Ukrainian leader also commented on the enemy attack. “Rockets against peaceful cities, against residential buildings, a cathedral… There can be no justification for Russian evil. As always, this evil loses. And there will definitely be an answer to Russian terrorists for Odessa. They will feel this answer,” Zelensky said.

The President added that everyone affected by this latest terrorist attack is being helped. “I am grateful to everyone who helps people, and everyone who is with Odessa in thoughts and emotions.

We will get through this. We will return the world.

And for this we need to defeat the Russian evil,” the head of state stressed.Information from UNIAN about the Transfiguration Cathedral. Odessa has already lost this temple, which is the largest in the regional center. 

The cathedral was founded in 1794, consecrated in 1808, and in 1936 this religious building was destroyed. 

The cathedral was restored in 2005, it has the status of a monument of cultural heritage of Ukraine, and this year it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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