“Odesa hates you”: Mayor Trukhanov addresses Russians

23.07.2023 21:40

Odesa Mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov publicly addressed the Russians, noting that the city’s residents feel hate toward them.

That’s according to a video message uploaded on the Odesa City Council Telegram channel, seen by Ukrinform.

“I wish you knew how much Odesa hates you – not only hates, but also despises… Are you fighting with small children, with Orthodox churches? But what else can I say? Your missiles even hit cemeteries.

Throughout this war, you’ve been called various names: ruscists, orcs, bastards, nits, but those were still kind names.

You are simply creatures without family, history, morals, values, and future. You know Odesa people too poorly.

You won’t break us, you’ll only make us angrier. The strength of our defenders, multiplied by the pain and fury of ordinary people will become your sentence,” said Trukhanov.

The mayor added that Odesa experienced one of the most horrific nights. Assistance is being provided to all those affected by the missile attack, operational headquarters have been deployed on the ground, and response services are working on the scene.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, overnight Sunday, July 23, Russian troops launched a massive missile attack on Odesa.

The invaders fired 19 missiles of various types.The strike hit Odesa’s historic center, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. As a result of the attack, 25 architectural monuments were damaged, including the famous Transfiguration Cathedral.

As a result of the strike, one person died and 22 people were injured, including four children.



  1. It’s not only the Odessans that hate the cockroaches in mafia land, every freedom-loving, righteous person on this globe hates them.

  2. Putin crossed a red line. To illustrate it better, he stepped on a landmine, if he walks one step further it will go off.

  3. This scumbag himself was openly pro-Putin until February 2022 and a corrupt f*cker.

    He should step down instead of pretending to care.

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