Italy will help restore the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa – PM

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In the past, Italy has supported the inclusion of the center of Odessa in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Italy condemns the Russian missile attack on the historical center of Odessa and is ready to help restore the destroyed Transfiguration Cathedral. 

This was stated by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, her words are quoted by the official Twitter of the Italian embassy in Kiev.

“The attacks in Odessa, the death of innocent people, the destruction of the Transfiguration Cathedral deeply upset us. A free people will not allow themselves to be intimidated, barbarism will not win,” Meloni said.

The Italian prime minister noted that the Russian aggressor is not limited to the destruction of granaries, depriving millions of people who need it of food.

“They are destroying our European civilization, its sacred symbols. Italy, with its unique experience in the world in the field of restoration, is ready to join the restoration of the [Savior Transfiguration] Cathedral and other treasures of the cultural heritage of Ukraine,” she said.Vice Prime Minister of the Italian Government and part-time Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country Antonio Tajani recalled that at one time Italy was among the countries that supported the inclusion of the center of Odessa in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.”

The Russian shelling of Odessa, which destroyed part of the Transfiguration Cathedral, is an unworthy act. Italy, which supported Odessa as a UNESCO cultural heritage site, will be at the forefront of rebuilding the city,” he said.

Rocket attack on the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa

Last night, the Russian aggressor launched another missile attack on Odessa. According to the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a total of 19 missiles were fired, of which the air defense system managed to intercept only 9.

The rest hit their targets.As a result of the Russian attack, the largest Orthodox church in Odessa, the Transfiguration Cathedral, was partially destroyed. 

Archdeacon Andrei Palchuk said that the rocket hit the altar directly. According to him, the destruction is so massive that “the cathedral is no more.”

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  1. This, is part of what I think makes her a conservative politician for Italy, but more importantly, a “RIGHT-WING” politician. The way I think about it, “conservatism” in politics, is more about “conserving” an established set of beliefs and traditions, along with the parts of those, such as historical religious sites. Unfortunately, I think that conservatism may get confused with the context of what the “established” beliefs/traditions are for a given time and place. In russia for instance, “conserving” the established set of beliefs/traditions seems to heavily favor putin and russia’s trend of the iron fist. In America, conservatism is about relying on the teachings of religious freedom and as the Constitutional Law guarantees. I think that at times, the context of conservatism versus liberalism gets confused according to the time and place. But I think right versus left is more specific, at least I think so.

    Right-wing politics is more about encouraging people to look at things under the guidance of religion, freedom, privacy, and if government helps with that, good. Left-wing politics is mostly putting the government first, and then the people believe they need to be at its mercy.

    • In general I think I agree. Perhaps it’s having core fundamental principles from which one will not deviate. For me, Individual freedom goes hand in hand with individual responsibility. Kinda like if you break it you own it. The US Bill of Rights are another set of core fundamental principles. I don’t believe in deviating from those Rights.

      • Yes. I definitely agree. If I think about right vs left in Ukraine, then I think of the cultural trends and traditions that existed before the soviets tried to remake Ukraine in their image. In that sense, then I think of right-wing as more about “restoration,” than conserving, because the russians tried very hard to replace Ukraine’s uniqueness with the “standard” from moscow. I pray that Ukraine can rebuild and restore its own beautiful legacy. If russians can learn to accept that Ukraine deserves its own different development, then I am sure there can be peace, but there must always be vigilance against monsters like putin, and china’s xi jinping.

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