From FB page; Nova Odessa

July 23

The “Odessa Diocese” showed the consequences of the Russian missile attack on the Spaso-Preobrazensky Cathedral of the city. Odessa.


  1. The entirely bogus “country” that uses the stolen name; “Russia”, is nothing but a cauldron of devilry, ruled by a demonic nazi.

      • Stand With Ukraine has just posted:

        “The Russian occupiers are trying to start power unit No. 4 of the Zaporizhzhia NPP

        “Energoatom” reports that the Russians are trying to push Ukrainian personnel at the station to take similar actions.

        Station employees categorically refuse to comply with the order.”


        What that means is hard to know. Nothing good for sure.
        It could be something very, very evil.

  2. I hope those companies that are still doing business in this cesspit of evilness will take a good look at these images. But, I’m afraid that when they look at their profits, any feelings of compassion and guilt will simply evaporate.

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