Despite the war, McDonald’s opens a brand new restaurant in Ukraine

From FB page; We Stand By Ukraine

Despite the war, McDonald’s opens a brand new restaurant in Ukraine.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, McDonald’s Ukraine is one of Ukraine’s largest foreign investors, creating modern and affordable infrastructure. And opening a new restaurant on the Kyiv-Chop highway is an essential signal for business that even, despite the war, renewal, and development are possible.

The new McDonald’s restaurant, located 127 km from Kyiv, has become one of the largest in Ukraine: its area is more than 500 square meters, has 133 seats in the hall and 116 on the terrace. There is a parking lot for large buses near the restaurant.

The facility will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in compliance with the company’s strict safety regulations. Restaurants close during the air raid alert and reopen about an hour after it is lifted.


  1. Once again McDonald’s show the way and put the putler-enabler multinationals to shame.
    Fuck you Mondalez, Unilever, P&G, Auchan and (unfortunately) many others.

  2. Unfortunately there has been more putinaZi savagery inflicted on Odesa. Local MP Oleksii Goncharenko reports (imperfect translation) :

    “Another hellish night in Odessa. Russia screws everyone in Odessa. And these Ladski X, and Onyxes, and Calibras, and Shahidami.
    Odesa -mama’s gonna punish you, motherfuckers!
    This will be a holiday when Moscow will burn. All of Ukraine is invited!”

  3. Roman Sheremeta reports just now :

    “I cannot believe it! Today, russians have bombed the Transfiguration Cathedral of Odesa located in the historic center of Odesa. It was the main church of the city protected by UNESCO. Evil has a name – its name is russia.”

  4. As if Ukraine hasn’t suffered enough, along comes another McDonalds………

    Seriously though, it is good that there is investment from anywhere in Ukraine, and there are sometimes when everyone wants or gets a craving for a Maccy D.

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