Chinese media accused of pumping out pro-Russian propaganda across Europe, stirring up hatred of Ukrainian refugees and spreading anti-Nato messages

By Abul Taher; Security Correspondent For The Mail On Sunday

23 Jul 2023

  • Pro-Kremlin messages are emitted after Russian media channels were shut down

Chinese media outlets are pumping out pro-Russian propaganda across Europe, stirring up hatred and distrust of Ukrainian refugees and spreading anti-NATO messages, a top European official has warned.

A Chinese state-owned radio station, a news agency run by the country’s Communist Party, as well as its embassies, are spreading pro-Kremlin messages on the Ukraine war after European governments shut down Russian media channels.

Ivana Karaskova, a Special Adviser to the European Commission, who monitors Chinese propaganda in Central and Eastern Europe, accused Beijing of stirring up hate toward Ukrainian refugees among the region’s Far-Right and Far Left groups.

I China Radio International (CRI), a CCP mouthpiece that broadcasts in 44 countries including Britain, has repeatedly broadcast news pieces describing Nato as ‘Voldemort’ – the evil character in Harry Potter books.

Chinese media outlets are pumping out pro-Russian propaganda across Europe, it has been warned.

Ms Karaskova’s investigations, published in EU-funded briefing papers, said the channel portrayed the US and Nato as destablising forces in the region – despite Nato working to combat Russian aggression.

The China expert made her comments as Richard Moore, the head of MI6, delivered a rare speech in the Czech capital Prague last week, urging Russian spies to defect to the West.

Ms Karaskova said in nine Central and Eastern European countries, Chinese media outlets like the CRI and Xinhua have spread anti-Western propaganda blaming the US and Nato for the war in Ukraine. A key target is Poland, where there are more than 1.5m Ukrainian refugees.

In Slovakia, the Chinese embassy posted online messages asking why there were ‘double standards’ when it comes to the West treating Ukrainian refugees well, compared to those from the Middle East or South America.

Ms Karaskova said Chinese messaging led to Far-Right groups campaigning against Ukrainian refugees as a drain on the taxpayer.

Last night, she said: ‘China aligned itself with Russia on narratives regarding the cause of the war in Ukraine in the immediate aftermath of Russia’s invasion. I find this worrying. The European governments should pay more attention to Chinese state-owned outlets operating in European media space.’


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    • Sir, I agree with 100% of your sentiments and I feel we Americans have some blood on our products. However, if you could just substitute one word, such as Chinese, CCP or Winny the Pooh, your arguments would come across better. Just sayin

      • Thanks for the tip, Mr. UAToday comments police.
        For me, government officials in China are chinks. Just sayin’.

        • Understood. I’ll play along. Let’s get these god-damned White-Bread Cracker-Ass Honkey Moscals out of Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

  2. Ukraine needs to shift it’s relations away from China and towards Taiwan. Both countries are facing agression from powerful enemies that think the have the right to take what ever they wish.
    Taiwan is technology advanced and can offer Ukraine many opertunities economicly and militarily.

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