Ukrainian Special Forces post video of them wiping out Russian equipment, storage points and dozens of soldiers

22 JULY 2023

Soldiers from the Ukrainian Security Service’s Special Operations Centre Alpha have uploaded a video of them destroying 26 Russian targets and killing 40 Russian invaders.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine (SSU)

Details: Ukrainian special forces stated that they destroyed 26 Russian targets.The list of Russian losses was joined by a tank, a multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle, two infantry mobility vehicles, a Murom-P surveillance system, a Podlet radar antenna unit with a control vehicle, an electronic warfare system, three 120mm mortars, seven dugouts, two ammunition storage points, etc.

Quote: “About 40 more occupiers received the posthumous title of ‘good Russian’ [i.e., were killed – ed.].”

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  1. Good job!
    The most valuable targets destroyed in this action are the radar and electronic systems. This further cuts cockroach capabilities on the front lines.

  2. Good! People may complain about how much this attrition phase of the war has slowed down Ukrainian advances, but if the russians have not regained much in comparison, or only have losses minor though they may be, that still means the enemy is losing. I think a comparative chart of russian to Ukrainian casualties and battlefield losses or victories will continue showing this. If the russians keep having even a slightly lower performance, than Ukraine, or the AFU shows a slogging advance, then ultimate russian defeat will seem inevitable. I imagine even to some of putin’s supporters.

    Anyway, I wanted to post this on an article about a subject more related to what I found, such as trade embargoes in light of russia exiting the grain deal, or business involvement continuing with russia. But I understand when there’s nothing directly relatable yet. It seems that previous to the war, biden’s family was involved not only with apparent corruption in Ukraine (as is widely asserted), but also with RUSSIAN corruption!

    • It seems the details focus more on how biden appeared to intimidate a Ukrainian businessman into paying joe during his vice presidency, and also another biden family member, $5 million each. I presume that the russian transactions mentioned, are still being investigated, and/prepared for presentation. I’m a little annoyed that they were mentioned, but not presented right away. Probably, we’ll see the russian side of this bribery and/or extortion, in the near future.

      • Why wouldn’t they use this to influence Biden’s actions in this war? Or, have they, and that’s why he’s being so wishy-washy?

        • I think so. Perhaps someone without connections to russia will step up and force putin to a settlement more favorable to Ukraine. Putin definitely was the aggressive instigator of his current woes, and if he wants to avoid another more hardcore revolution in 5 or 10 years, he must have russia get out of the war. Even if it makes him look weak to the russian demands for war, because the alternative is russia’s continued “death-by-a-thousand-cuts,” at the hands of dedicated Ukrainian guerrilla fighting, and more conventional AFU tactics.

      • “still being investigated”

        It was investigated back in 2020 (Trump’s Attorney-General Bill Barr assigned a Trump-appointed US Attorney to head the investigation). After 8 months of investigation, it was dismissed as not credible.

        “not presented right away”

        LOL. If Comer had anything, he would have released it. All he can say is, “Stay tuned.”

        “in the near future”

        Don’t hold your breath. All we can expect from the “Select Committee on Insurrection Protection” is continued attempts to distract from the ongoing parade of Trump indictments.

        • Well, if something does point to biden’s russian “collusion” being more serious and real, than Trump’s, then Ukraine can definitely use this to justify more reasons for America to completely cut off ANY business trade with russia. Also, to imply that this is a mark against democrats.

          I know you and I probably disagree quite a bit in politics. I consider that, a separate argument. But if this is true, I think you probably would agree that biden’s possible involvement with russia is a very heinous crime against both Ukraine, and America. At the very least, biden needs to answer for it, and adds to pressuring more American aid for Ukraine. Biden’s russian involvement is definitely more reason for me NOT to trust him.

      • No secret that Hunter along with at least 3 other family members have been involved in shady deals and criminal business practices. Yet none of this conclusively ties to President Biden. IF they do however it should be pursued in addition to bringing additional charges against Hunter and holding those in with him to accounting.

    • Biden’s involvement with corrupt affairs in mafia land would explain some of his reluctance to send certain weapons to Ukraine.

  3. “if something does” – Sure – *if* something does. Get back to me when there’s any actual evidence.

    “At the very least, biden needs to answer for it”

    President Biden has no need to address baseless smears. Republicans are desperate to distract from Trump’s crimes and ongoing stream of indictments. They’ll continue to pump out BS, but we don’t need to give them any oxygen.

      • Republicans in Congress. Most are afraid of Trump’s supporters, and some are up to their eyeballs in insurrection support.

        • I don’t know how many Republicans are afraid of the trumpet’s supporters. Can you give me a link?

          • “Trump’s GOP foes are scared. But not as much as they should be. ”

            I’ve also read numerous articles saying that Republican politicians are afraid that if they don’t toe the Trump line, they’ll be primaried from the right. So even though they know he’s bat-shit crazy and a danger to the country, they’re afraid to come out and say it in public. But I can’t put my hands on one immediately; all recent hits are talking about the indictments.

            • Okay, your link says 35% of Republicans are behind the orange maniac. I think that they are playing with fire with their support for someone who might go to prison (hopefully).

              • Justin Clark, who served as Mr. Trump’s deputy campaign manager in 2020 and whose firm, National Public Affairs, has conducted polling of the primary race, said the challenge for [Trump’s] rivals is the voters themselves. Data from Mr. Clark’s firm shows that Republicans view an attack on Mr. Trump “as an attack on them,” he said.

                “That loyalty is not something that is easy to beat in a campaign,” he added. “His opponents see this, too, and that is why they tread very carefully. It’s hard to see how another Republican breaks out when primary voters are rallying around their most recent president and any challengers have to hold their fire.”


                • I never thought that I would see the day in which so many fellow Americans would be so brainwashed by such a rat-catcher.

    • Here’s some follow-up from Comer. I think he’s doing this because he’s realized that he’s going to be out of a job if he doesn’t follow the US Congress’ orders on this. Before this, Comer seemed to be obeying the demands of biden like a trained dog. Given the circumstances I mentioned earlier this comment thread, I think Ukraine can still demand American aid to help fight russia, even if biden’s criminal connections are proven completely. The only thing I think that might interrupt American assistance in light of this, is if joe biden were impeached, and I don’t think it’s going to come to that.

      • “follow the US Congress’ orders”
        “Comer seemed to be obeying the demands of biden”

        Sounds like you don’t realize that Comer *is* a member of Congress, and has been doing all he can to slander Biden.

        U.S. Attorney David C. Weiss, a Trump appointee, has been investigating Hunter Biden for five years and best they could do is tax charges which rarely get this level of attention. If Comer has anything real, the prosecutor would have used it.

        “against Hunter Biden” – so, still nothing suggesting that President Biden was involved in any wrong-doing.

        “might interrupt American assistance”

        BTW – Comer is one of 70 House Republicans who voted to cut off all US military aid to Ukraine.

  4. Regardless of party affiliation or policy leanings, we all need to stay together to crush ruscist genocide and help Ukraine in every way to WIN THIS WAR!

    • Exactly.

      It’s that kind of unity and teamwork that ultimately stopped hitler, even as he tried sweeping over Europe. It can certainly do the same to an aggressive, imperialistic russian dictatorship.

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