“War correspondent” from the “DNR” showed the most terrifying cemetery of the Wagner PMC mercenaries: he was shocked not by the number of graves but by their design (PHOTOFACT)


“War correspondent” from the “DNR” showed the most terrifying cemetery of the Wagner PMC mercenaries. “A cemetery of the Wagner PMC. One of the most horrifying photos I have seen in my four experiences of war. They fought and died for a free Russia, yet they were buried under Masonic pyramids symbolizing the triumph of the new – global – slavery”, – he wrote in indignation. However, he did not specify the location of this cemetery.

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  1. Looks like they had some spare dragon’s teeth left over and used them to bury the convicts.

    • Like the race car that had the tractor chassis or the motorcycle that had tank tracks now we have headstones with the dragon’s teeth design. No wonder nothing is made in mafialand but bombs.

  2. There is no such thing as a Masonic pyramid, a Masonic headstone, a Masonic funeral or anything else like that.
    Furthermore, Freemasonry does not involve itself in Politics or Religion, so to lie and claim these stones symbolise our involvement in the imaginary global slavery is ridiculous.
    There would be no reason to have all of these even if it were true, as all of these losers cannot possibly have been Freemasons.

    I have no idea where this deluded lying prick is going with these lies, but sadly the mentally ill will believe them.

    • Those certainly aren’t Masonic. There is a Masonic Pyramid, however. It is seen on the back of the US one dollar bill with the all seeing eye above it.

      • It is claimed to be by the unknowing, but there is no such thing as a Masonic Pyramid.
        Symbols have many, many meanings.
        Symbols mean one thing to one person, another to the other.

        The Eye of Providence is also not Masonic, we didn’t design it, just as we didn’t design the Pyramid.
        I have never seen both things combined as per the Dollar used in a Masonic context.
        The Eye of Providence is used quite commonly in US Freemasonry, but its use elsewhere does not mean there is some kind of Masonic influence.

  3. “…he was shocked not by the number of graves…”

    Remember, these are only the ones lucky enough to even get a grave. It’s anyone’s guess how many are still out there, serving as dog/cat/rat/worm food, or turning into fertilizer.

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