Kirby: Ukraine to receive F-16s by end of year

July 21, 2023

Ukraine will receive F-16 fighter jets before the end of the year, John Kirby, US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, said in an interview with Fox News.

“Most likely, the F-16s will arrive in Ukraine before the end of the year. However, we do not believe that F-16s alone can alter the situation on the battlefield,” Kirby said.

He added that Ukraine has an immediate need for a greater quantity of artillery munitions.

A week ago, Lieutenant General Douglas Sims said that conditions for a transfer of F-16s are not “ideal.” He stressed that Russians still have air defense capability, hinting that the number of jets that can arrive will not change the course of the counteroffensive.

At the Vilnius NATO summit, Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov signed a memorandum with 11 countries outlining the F-16 training terms for Ukrainian pilots.

Russian prime minister Sergey Lavrov called the potential transfer of the jets to Ukraine “a nuclear threat,” highlighting their capacity for carrying nuclear weapons.


  1. Kirby didn’t mention at the end of WHAT year. Very convenient.

    “A week ago, Lieutenant General Douglas Sims said that conditions for a transfer of F-16s are not ‘ideal.'”

    Yes, people, we also have stupid generals. Name me one war in which conditions are ideal. Wars always involve destruction of materiel. A general should know this. Besides that, I think the Ukrainians have shown more than enough of their skills to operate anything we have. I call this general’s statement a lame excuse.

  2. Imagine you just got hit by a truck and the paramedics tell you you will receive first aid in just a few months…

  3. I know we are thankful for what we get, just wish it was sooner and that we will have our own capability to produce our own.

  4. Ukraine damn well lucky that good ‘ol Donny Rumsfeld not in charge.

    We all wish sooner, but it’s gonna happen this year. Bet the house. I got over/under at September.

      • I grow only the finest medicinal and that shit gives you clairvoyance (I had Nuggets over Lakers in sweep, Miami over Celtics in seven and Nuggets over Miami in gentlemans sweep, but I’ll try my hand at handicapping Russians, I mean handicapping delivering weapons for handicapping Russians)…and just off press:

        “I hope [during] autumn, I’m quite hopeful,” a senior European official told the Washington Examiner. “Some European states … have already reserved [an] impressive amount of F-16s for Ukrainians.”

        Read full below for pessimistic parts:

        Yes, September is in Autumn so I got my line in the ballpark. The Odessa situation may speeds things up even more. So we get one F16 in use in September is all I’m asking and I take the money (Peeps said I was fool that Lakers would get swept). Not asking for the moon landing.

        Abrams magically coming sooner also.

        Always underpromise and always overdeliver. The commenters on this site lack the diplomatic touch that US administration actually exhibits. Let Europe lead with tanks, then we give ours. Let Europe lead with stormshadow, then we give ATACMS. Just worry when we start talking about not giving them nukes…

        Why so pessimistic? I got a cure for that bruddah. Only optimism please.
        Slava Ukraini!

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