Wagner PMC lost 75% (62.000 ‘people’)of its personnel during the assaults on Bakhmut

The Wagner PMC militants lost three-quarters of their personnel during the assaults on Bakhmut.

This information was reported by a member of the command council of the organization, as cited by russian Telegram channels.

According to his statement, a total of 78,000 individuals were involved in combat operations on the side of the Wagner PMC, with 49,000 being “convicts” and an additional 29,000 consisting of professional soldiers and volunteers.

Among them, 22,000 were killed, and 40,000 sustained severe injuries.

Ten thousand were sent to Belarus, and fifteen thousand are on leave.

Approximately 400 former Wagner PMC members are currently staying at a hotel in Anapa, awaiting pardons.

As previously reported, British intelligence claimed that putin made an agreement with Prigozhin “to save his own skin”.

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