Odessa City Hall is preparing to admit that the city is over 600 years old

The idea of ​​installing a commemorative plaque on Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa, which states that the history of the city dates back to at least the 15th century, was supported after a long discussion by members of the historical and toponymic commission under the city executive committee.

As the correspondent of “Dumskaya” reports, the text on it will be as follows: “Here and on the adjacent territory in the XV-XVIII centuries. the fort was rebuilt and the place of Kochubiiv-Khadzhibey – the place of battle glory of the Ukrainian Cossacks. In 1795, the rotation took away the name of Odessa.

Now the city authorities must have their say. If they give the go-ahead, then the sign will be hung on the facade of the semi-circular building at Primorsky Boulevard, 7.

Recall that the first written mention of the settlement that existed on the site of modern Odessa dates back to the 15th century. 

The historian and priest Jan Długosz wrote in his chronicle Annales seu cronicae inclyti regni Poloniae opera that in 1415 the Polish king Władysław Jagiello sent to Constantinople from the Black Sea port of Kochubeev to the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos a generous grain aid.



  1. This decision was made on the day of the destruction of the historical centre of Odesa by SUB-SUB-SUBHUMANS.

  2. Maybe it’s not too bad that Putin erases all cultural traces from RuSSia in Odesa, the locals will rebuild a more ukrainian city anyway, even more beautiful than before. Let Putin protect ruSSian speakers in Africa instead.

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