Belarusian Officer: Belarusians Will Slit Wagnerites’ Throats

They have too many enemies in Belarus.


The reserve officer, on condition of anonymity, commented to on the deployment in Belarus of Russian Wagner Group mercenaries:

– I think they will never get used to us. For sure, Belarus is just a transshipment point for further moving to Africa or other countries.

– Why do you think they won’t get used?

– There will be a lot of conflicts, not to mention the material aspect. There will be clashes between our officers and their field commanders, between our servicemen and ordinary Wagnerites.

Simply, our contract soldiers will be jealous that the mercenaries get more money.

– What can these conflicts result in?

– In 2022, when Russian occupiers were in Belarus, there were a lot of conflicts. The Russians tried to show their superiority and treated the Belarusians with disdain. It resulted in dogfights.

Then, when the Russians were kicked out of the Kyiv region, they returned through Belarus being battered. Very evil. Anger tried to take their anger out on our soldiers. There were claims, they were asking why our troops did not enter the war.

At the training camp, they told a story that one Russian, who began to extort money from our guy, was beaten at night, he had several ribs broken. I know that there were problems with the Russian military from the Caucasus. Fighting wall to wall.

In addition, there is almost no culture of hazing in the Belarusian army, not to mention some AUE concepts that are inherent in the Wagnerites.

– How will the officers react to the mercenaries in our country?

– They are a threat. After all, this is an attempt on their “food base”. Some field commanders will come and be like bosses here. Today, the Belarusian army is a way of earning money for our officers. They might be forced to share. I think the Belarusians will slit the throats of the Wagnerites. They have too many enemies in our country.


  1. There are brave Belarusians, no doubt about it. The Kalinouski Regiment and partisans operating in Belarus prove it. But, there are not many in their army. So, we’ll see about cutting throats of Wagnerite scum.

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