NASAMS and Phoenix Ghost: US announces new $1.3 billion aid package

Yana Stavskaya20:05, 07/19/231 min.4

The package contains 152 mm artillery shells and high-precision ammunition.

The Pentagon has announced new $1.3 billion military aid package . 

The package includes critical air defense assets and munitions and will be provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).

Under USAI, the US purchases resources from industry or partners for onward shipment to Ukraine. 

This announcement marks the beginning of the contracting process to provide Ukraine with additional priority opportunities.

The package includes:

  • Four NASAMS installations and ammunition;
  • 152 mm artillery shells;
  • demining equipment;
  • TOW missiles;
  • UAV Phoenix Ghost and Switchblade;
  • precision-guided aviation munitions;
  • means of detecting UAV countermeasures and electronic warfare means;
  • 150 fuel trucks;
  • 115 tactical vehicles for towing and transporting equipment;
  • 50 tactical vehicles for the evacuation of equipment;
  • equipment for the protection of ports and harbors;
  • tactical secure communication systems;

Also, the United States will financially support training, maintenance of the funds provided.

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