“For Biden to die and Putin to prosper”: a video from the “camp” for Ukrainian children in Belarus appeared

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This camp belongs to the state company “Belaruskali”.

A video from the Dubrava camp was submitted  to the International Criminal Court as evidence of Belarus’ involvement in the deportation of children from Ukraine .In a video published by The Telegraph , Belarusian singers Aleksandra and Valentina Gruzdeva address children from a camp in the Minsk region. 

“For us to live in peace, for Biden to die, God forgive me, for Zelensky too, and for Putin to prosper and take control of all of Ukraine,” they tell the children.According to estimates by the Belarusian opposition group National Anti-Crisis Management, about 2,150 Ukrainian children have been brought to at least four camps in Belarus since last September. 

They believe that by the autumn of this year their number will reach 3,000 people. Children are taken to the Ostroshitsky Gorodok sanatorium, the Zubrenok national children’s educational and health center, the Dubrava children’s camp, owned by the Belaruskali state company, and the Golden Sands sanatorium.

The oppositionists said that Alexander Lukashenko personally gave instructions on organizing the financing of these processes. 

They also submitted other materials to the court.How children are brainwashed in BelarusHow children are brainwashed in Belarus

Ukrainian children are taken to Belarus: what is known

In the spring, Belarusian oppositionists said that the government of the country was helping Russia to deport children from Ukraine. According to them, children are taken to institutions on the territory of Belarus, where they try to re-educate  and impose “their” history on them. 

According to the Center for National Resistance, Aleksey Talai , a member of the National Paralympic Team of Belarus, was involved in this process .Ukraine now knows the names of  19 thousand 393 children who were kidnapped by Russian invaders from the territory of Ukraine.

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    • Trump’s policies involved ripping children from their parents’ arms, and losing track of the children. Biden worked to reunite the families.

      I’m sure they’d prefer Biden, who supports Ukraine, over Trump, who’d sell it out in a heartbeat.

      Biden is still working to ensure the safe return of forcibly displaced Ukrainian children, while Trump has called Putin a “genius” for invading Ukraine.


      • Those weren’t parents, your Marxist media lied to you, those were human traffickers. So, yeah, they were separated unlike now, Biden support human traffickers and drug smugglers. Where do you think Hunter learned everything?

        • They were parents; your right-wing fake news sites lied to you.

          It was Trump’s resident white supremacist Stephen Miller who was the FASCIST who wrote Trump’s executive order that separated infants & children from their parents seeking LEGAL asylum, caged them and couldn’t reunite over a thousand of them when ordered by federal judges.

                  • Nazi is what Nazi does. For example, Biden trying to put his political competition in jail. I agree with you, Biden must be stopped so we can protect democracy.

                    • Nonsense. President Biden is staying out of it.

                      Biden had nothing to do with the Department of Justice investigation, special counsel in charge of the investigation Jack Smith, or the grand jury deliberations.

            • RSM – The 2014 pictures were *not* of immigrant children separated from their parents by US border agents. Those were pictures of unaccompanied minors who presented themselves at the border.

              The Nogales facility is a way station where the children were identified, examined for health problems by the U.S. Public Health Service, vaccinated and then moved to other facilities in Texas, Oklahoma and California until they were able to be placed with relatives already in the country to await their day in Immigration Court.

              See the difference? Under Obama, the unaccompanied children were reunited with relatives, while Trump ripped children apart from their parents.

              (And Mike – I have no idea WTF you’re talking about.)

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