Unhelpful (to put it mildly) to Ukraine:

France and India seek new negotiating solution to end war in Ukraine – media.



Trump describes how he could solve Russia-Ukraine conflict in 24 hours.


Bulgarian president blames Ukraine for war, prime minister hits back.




  1. European Countries with pro-Ukraine presidents and pro-Russia PM’s :
    Hungary, Georgia, Croatia.
    Countries with pro-Russia presidents and pro-Ukraine PM’s:
    Bulgaria and until March 2023 when Petr Pavel replaced Milos Zeman; Czechia.
    European country with a pro-Russian president and a pro-Russian PM: Serbia.
    European countries that claim to be pro-Ukraine but actually support Russia: Austria, Switzerland.

    • We see that, even in Europe, not all nations are as advanced as it seems. Some are just on the verge of being Third-World crappers, while others are neo-fascist, and others scrape open their knees to worship money, even blood money.

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