“The Ministry of Defense is preparing proposals”: Putin promised an “answer” for the Crimean bridge

Katerina Chernovol20:20, 17.07.232 minutes.298

The Russian dictator called the attack itself “senseless from a military point of view and cruel.”

The President of the Russian Federation held a meeting after the explosion of the Crimean bridge on the morning of July 17. 

The dictator promised an “answer” and stated that the Russian Defense Ministry was already preparing appropriate proposals. 

According to the propaganda publication RIA Novosti, during the meeting, Putin asked to provide all assistance to “the girl who suffered in the terrorist attack and her relatives” and to take this issue under control. He also stated that he had no doubt “that all the circumstances of the state of emergency on the Crimean bridge will be established.

“In addition, Putin stressed that it is important to provide support to people who, due to the overlap on the Crimean bridge, “find themselves in a difficult situation.”

We need to comprehensively assess the damage from the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge and restore everything as quickly as possible,” the Russian dictator said. After the meeting, he announced the “response” for blowing up the bridge. 

According to him, “the Ministry of Defense is preparing appropriate proposals.” The Russian dictator called the attack itself “senseless from a military point of view and cruel.” 

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  1. The Russian dictator called the attack itself “senseless from a military point of view and cruel.”


    • I don’t know if he’s an idiot in this case. There is no greater expert in cruel than Vladimir Putin!

  2. “The Russian dictator called the attack itself “senseless from a military point of view and cruel.”

    What a fucking stinking little asshole. Are hospitals sensible targets from a military point of view? Schools? Kindergartens? Shopping malls? Apartment buildings?
    I hope this creature will die a slow and painful death very soon. He should scream with pain for days.

    • That’s another reason why I think the little slime staged this whole thing to distract the fawning media from his other crime, stopping the grain ships from leaving the Black Sea. WTF, it worked again, just like a charm. The media will always drop what they’re doing to follow the shiny object. Its like playing with your dog with one of those lasers, you can run it into the wall every time.

      • In mafia land, anything is possible.
        However, I have great doubts that the rat is responsible for this. There are too many negative consequences for him and his shithole. It’s big news worldwide, shedding a lot of negative light on him and mafia land. The bridge is his “baby”. It does not bode well for cockroach morale. And, he would’ve screwed up his own army’s logistics, which is hanging on a thin threat anyhow with the AFU demolishing every ammo and fuel dump it can find.

        • I hope you’re right. I just don’t trust the KGB and their response was almost instantaneous which is practically impossible for the bunker grandpa. If we did it, I hope we return for the train bridge and brag about it.

          • Ukraine should have bragged about it, whether or not they are responsible. They should have said it was so easy to get past these useless russian defences, and next time we will take down the train bridge.

            • And now Poopin is forcing the exiting Moskali to go through a war zone to get their mangy hides back to Mordor. This situation is ripe for another false flag op and shell civilians and blame it on the Defenders. We will see.

          • Well, I think that the response was so quick because they constantly have an eye on their precious.

  3. Putin will be remembered of exterminating RuSSia’s birthplace and its people to replace it with bastards and a criminal regime, in case he wins, which Nato still is able to spoil.

  4. I wonder who will get blamed for yet another failure from russian defences guarding this bridge? It’s embarrassing for it to happen once, but fucking humiliating for it to happen twice.

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