The GUR and OK “South” reacted to the explosions on the Crimean bridge

Yana Stavskaya 08:20, 07/17/23.1986

Yusov noted that due to the destruction of a section of the bridge, the Russians will have problems with logistics.

Ukraine does not confirm its involvement in the morning explosions on the Crimean bridge illegally built by the invaders , which, according to preliminary data, caused the destruction of one of the spans.In a comment to Suspilny , military intelligence spokesman Andrey Yusov noted that the GUR did not comment on the incident. 

“Now the whole world sees many kilometers of traffic jams and violations of bridge structures. As for additional comments on the reasons for this, we do not comment.

We can only quote the words of the head of the GUR MOU Kirill Budanov that “the Crimean bridge is an extra structure there.”At the same time, he noted that due to the destruction of a section of the bridge, the Russians will have problems with logistics. 

“Because the peninsula is used by the Russians as a major logistical hub for moving forces and assets deep into the territory of Ukraine. Of course, any logistical problems are additional complications for the occupiers, which create potential interruptions for the Ukrainian defense forces,” Yusov replied.

Natalya Gumenyuk, press secretary of OK Yug, in turn, suggested that the explosions on the Crimean bridge could be a provocation by the enemy himself, in order, in particular, to disrupt the “grain agreement.””It is characteristic that with such a concentration of the naval grouping in this area and the general tension around the issue of prolonging the “grain agreement”, creating provocations, which are very loudly reported by the occupying “authority” of Crimea, is a typical way for Russia to resolve such issues” – said Gumenyuk on the air of the telethon. 

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  1. “….provocation by the enemy himself…”. These people are delusional. You attacked us you fuckin moron.

  2. Just saw this on another article. 🤣

    “Russian social media groups also claim that at the time of the attack, a U.S. Air Force MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance and strike drone was seen “flying in the sky over the Black Sea.”

    With an operational altitude of 50,000 ft, and in pitch black darkness, the orcs saw a Reaper flying over the Black Sea. I wish I had their eyesight.

    • If the US Air Force would have been involved the entire bridge would have been put to sleep on the bottom of the Azov.

      • It might well end up at the bottom of the Azov if sleepy Joe sends Ukraine the right missiles.

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