In Photos: Traffic Jams and Panicked Vacationers in Crimea Following Bridge Attack

Panicked vacationers packed roadways leading out of Russian-annexed Crimea on Monday after a deadly drone attack on the Crimean Bridge, which links the peninsula to Russia.

Russian officials encouraged stranded holidaymakers in Crimea to return home through Moscow-occupied Ukraine after the attack halted car traffic on the bridge spanning the Kerch Strait.

Here is a look at the aftermath of the attack, which Moscow has blamed on Kyiv:

People sunbathe and dive into the water near the Crimean Bridge, a section of which was damaged by an alleged attack, in the city of Kerch, Crimea.Alexey Pavlishak / Reuters

The damage to the bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia.Crimea24TV / AFP

Russian police block the road leading to the bridge across the Kerch Strait linking Crimea to mainland Russia.Sergei Malgavko / TASS

A traffic jam formed at the entrance to the Crimean Bridge.Eyewitnesses and live traffic maps also showed major congestion along roads leading from northern Crimea into the occupied Kherson region, then onto the cities of Melitopol and Mariupol before reaching southern Russia’s Rostov region.Stringer / TASS

Vehicles wait in line for the Kerch Strait ferry.At least 50,000 Russian tourists were estimated to be in Crimea at the time of the attack, most of whom traveled there by car.Sergei Malgavko / TASS

Vacationers on the beach in the Crimean resort town of Alushta, located roughly 200 kilometers west of the city of Kerch.Olga Maltseva / AFP

Women walk past an alley of portraits of the wives of Russian servicemen in the center of Simferopol, Crimea.Olga Maltseva / AFP

Vehicles seen at the entrance to the occupied southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol. Drivers were advised to choose alternative routes through Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine.Alexander Polegenko / TASS

Russian Investigative Committee officers at work on the damaged Crimea bridge.The Investigative Committee, which probes serious crimes, on Monday launched a criminal investigation into what it called a “terrorist attack” that was orchestrated by “Ukrainian special services.”Russian Investigative Committee



  1. Crimea Minister of Tourism Budanov did warn them of “Storm[shadow]y weather” in the forecast.

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