White House: US is running out of ammunition

Marta Gichko20:52, 07/16/232 minutes.7

At the time of Biden’s accession to the presidency, ammunition stockpiles were “relatively low.”

The arsenal of ammunition in the warehouses of the Pentagon is exhausted against the background of the provision of military assistance to Ukraine.Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to the President of the United States, stated this in an interview with CNN . 

Stockpiles of 155 munitions, which are NATO standards, were “relatively low” when Biden took office, he said.

“President Biden has ordered the Pentagon to work quickly to increase the ability of the United States to produce all the munitions we may need for any conflict, at any time. Month by month, we are increasing our ability to supply munitions,” Sullivan said.

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  1. If you spend 800 billion dollar per year on defense, you dont use it to produce ammunition?

    • Duh … how do you think Patriots, F35s, etc etc got developed? There is also a long track record of failed and expensive weapons development.

      And the US stopped planning for so much high-intensity ground-warfare and focused on other more relevant security needs.

      What did Ukraine do to produce more ammunition after 2014? Not much it seems.

      Well, the US isn’t even at war.

      And geez, if you are going to throw out a Russian linked president, how about sending some forces to protect the border so they can’t just basically walk in.

      • “What did Ukraine do to produce more ammunition after 2014? Not much it seems.”

        You obviously have no idea about Ukraine. The President prior to the 2014 invasion, decimated the Ukrainian armed forces. He was a pro russian piece of shit, and it was only after he was removed that his replacement built the Ukrainian military back into something resembling an army.

      • I’m not sure what you’re babbling about except to assure the Readers that you don’t know anything about Ukraine or military affairs but in 2014 after Yanukovych Ukraine practically had no military. They have come A LONG way since then!

        • Just reading that the US left 80 planes parked up on the tarmac at Kabul airport after they withdrew from Afghanistan, plus over 20,000 Humvees. Ukraine could have used those to crush the russians, rather than leave them as gifts to the Taliban.

  2. I think the WH is running out of excuses, not ammunition. They fear a Ukraine victory and the collapse of russia, more than fighting the evil that russia represents.

  3. Maybe Washington should spend less on toilet seats and more on ammo.

    • Ha! You remember the $ 30.000 toilet seats that the Pentagon ordered, too? Big story in the New York Times some years ago. Indeed, the US military ain’t especially known for spending money wisely. Highly expensive special equipment, later sold for cents on the dollar to scrapyard traders (there’s a tv series in Germany covering this, “Steel Buddies”), but no money left for ammo. Sadly, the German Bundeswehr ain’t any better. What a mad mad world.

    • When Putler analyzes these old NATO weapons and realises that russia is at least 30 years behind the US, he can be thankful that the WH don’t send the good stuff to Ukraine.

  4. Unbelievable!!! . Maybe the idiots in the White House should ask China for some ammo since they’re bowing to the Chinese

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