There is a powerful “arrival” in Lugansk: the journalist gave details (photo, video)

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The explosion in Lugansk thundered on the territory where there were enemy forces, the journalist shared.

In the Ukrainian city of Lugansk, temporarily occupied by pro-Russian militants “LPR”, there is a powerful “arrival”.It flew to the territory of the Mashchinskaya mine, which is located in the village of Yubileyny, journalist Denis Kazansky said on Sunday, July 16, in his Telegram channel.According to him, there were enemy forces there.

There was a powerful "arrival" in Lugansk / photo
There was a powerful “arrival” in Lugansk / photo

“It seems that soon we will have another stream of mournful reports about the untimely demobilization of another batch of Russian officers,” the author added.There were powerful arrivals in LuhanskThere was a powerful “arrival” in LuganskIt is worth noting that pro-Russian militants occupied Luhansk in 2014 and turned it into the “capital” of the so-called “LPR”. The occupation of the Ukrainian city was not recognized by almost the whole world. 

The Russian Federation has been punished for supporting the militants – a lot of states have imposed sanctions, including the United States and EU member states.

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