Russian Paratroopers Threaten With Riot And March On Kremlin

Soldiers of the 7th Airborne Division are threatening to withdraw from their positions to support their commander.


Soldiers of the 7th Airborne Assault Division of the Russian Airborne Forces spoke in defence of their commander.

Their audio message was published by the Moscow Laundry Telegram channel.

According to the message, the paratroopers appealed to the Russian Ministry of Defence, protecting Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky. The reason for this was the removal of Major General Vladimir Seliverstov from the post of commander of the 106th Airborne Division of the Airborne Forces, and Major General Alexander Kornev from the command of the 7th Airborne Division.

“We, the paratroopers, warn that we will not tolerate such actions against General Teplinsky. And in case of the slightest threat to his life and freedom, we will become a wall to protect the honour and dignity of our commander. We are very determined. We are ready to withdraw from our positions and go to the rescue of our Batya [their commander – Ed.]. You, those who are sitting in the offices! Paratroopers do not abandon their own people! Do not make fatal mistakes,” the audio message says.

Collapse of the army is a matter of timeRussian publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan commented on the paratroopers’ threats. He noted that “the collapse of the army is following the classic scenario of the millennia-long history of mankind.”

“Defeat always leads to unrest, and unrest always leads to the growth of chaotic scenarios. And if the political leadership always chooses to close their eyes and play hide-and-seek with problems as the basic scenario of their actions, then the collapse of the warring army becomes a matter of time, and always a very short time,” he said.

The next resignation

This is not the first scandal with the removal of Russian generals in recent days. So, on July 12, the former commander of the 58th Army, State Duma member Andrei Gurulev published an audio message by the commander of the army, Major General Ivan Popov, who was recently removed from his post.

“A difficult situation arose with the senior management, when it was necessary either to remain silent and cowardly and say what they wanted to hear, or call a spade a spade. In the name of all our deceased friends, I outlined all the problematic issues that exist that day in the army,” he explained the reasons for his resignation.

According to him, because of this, the authorities felt some kind of threat from him and in one day they “trumped up the order of the Minister of Defence”, removed him from the order and “got rid of” him.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine could not break our army on the front but our senior commander hit us from the rear, treacherously and vilely beheaded the army at the most difficult moment,” Popov quoted some commanders of regiments and divisions with whom he discussed the situation.He gave no names, but Z-bloggers reported that his resignation took place after a report to the head of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, the day before. The authors of Gray Zone claimed that Gerasimov regarded Popov’s report as “disinformation and alarmism”, and when the commander said that he would convey military issues to the president, the head of the General Staff regarded this as blackmail, after which the major general was removed from command.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal writes that at least 13 high-ranking Russian officers were detained, and some of them were fired after interrogation, after the rebellion and the intention to reach Moscow by the Wagner PMC under the leadership of Yevgeny Prigozhin.


  1. The purge continues. If this report is accurate, then we’re witnessing interesting happenings. It’s not only the removal of general officers that’s peculiar, but the way the troops are reacting, at least for this Mikhail Teplinsky. To add spice to the story, they are fearing for his life. Well, shiver me timbers, didn’t those morons know that they are dying for a crime syndicate?

    “The authors of Gray Zone claimed that Gerasimov regarded Popov’s report as “disinformation and alarmism”‘

    The original Nazis had a term for this, too. They called it Wehrkraftzersetzung. It could be punished with death.

      • Mafia land has no courage to do something against a vicious dictator, even if he’s only 5 foot 2, like putler.

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