Girkin on the gloomy future of Wagner: They will kill Russians on the orders of the maniac Prigozhin

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The terrorist said that the “Wagnerites” are now enemies of Russia, like their boss.

Terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin commented on videos with Wagner columns under black flags “with a slightly modernized emblem of the Totenkopf SS division.” As Girkin said in the Telegram channel, there are several nuances that I would like to emphasize. 

According to him, Prigozhin himself and his mercenaries must be separated.”Among the latter there were many volunteers who did not find another opportunity to participate in the defense of the Fatherland, as well as those who were looking for the most effective use of their forces and skills in the current war. There were also a significant number of veterans of the “Syrian” and “African” campaigns who fought in part of “Wagner” simply because the PMC has become “their home”.

While “Wagner” was fighting for Russia – on the negative in its “ideology” (“Our business is death and business is going well”, “The best in hell “Etc.

Together with the” SS “symbols) it was possible to close your eyes,” Girkin noted

However, now “everything is not so”, because the “justice march” carried out under the “treacherous” (“Russia attacked Ukraine for no reason”, etc.) slogans became a “rapper point” in the further existence of this PMC, the terrorist believes.”And those” musicians “who remained in the specified illegal armed formation (illegal armed formation) under the command of the bastard-Cook are the same traitors to Russia as he is.

Subjectively, they may not understand this and amuse themselves with various illusions.

But objectively – this is exactly so and by no means otherwise. Simply because now Prigozhin’s “private army” has no moral right to be considered the defender of the Fatherland. And its fighters defend their right to kill anyone and anywhere for the money paid by their “employer”.

Now everyone who remains under “a flag with a skull” – the same traitors as Prigozhin himself,” Girkin said.The war criminal believes that Wagner’s future will be “rather bleak” – they will “kill their fellow citizens in Russia” on the orders of their “maniac master”. 

They perfectly demonstrated their readiness for this on June 23-24, for which they did not suffer any punishment, Girkin added.As a result, the terrorist promised to block everyone who sympathizes with Wagner.

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  1. “They will kill Russians on the orders of the maniac Prigozhin”
    So what? Ruskies are killing ruskies all the time. This is nothing bad. Besides that, Girkin’s statement is moronic. The entire cast of characters in the Kremlin circus arena are maniacs. They even have a mad monkey who is always drunk, and a horse, who nays crazy stuff.

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