UK Defense Secretary Wallace prepares to resign – The Times

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to upgrade his team.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace may leave his post in the fall.According to  The Times , Wallace understands that his time in the chair of the head of the Ministry of Defense is coming to an end. The politician headed the Ministry of Defense under three prime ministers and was able to cope with a number of military crises.

The publication noted that Wallace’s rating began to grow inside Britain after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. According to The Times, not only will Wallace resign in the fall – there will be a massive purge in the government.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is preparing to change his team as he tries to reset his government ahead of the next election after a grueling start to his tenure as prime minister.

Head of the Ministry of Defense after Wallace may be Chief Secretary of the Royal Treasury John Glen, Junior Security Minister Tom Tugendhat or former Minister of Transport Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

We add that Wallace was appointed to the post of head of the Ministry of Defense by Boris Johnson in the summer of 2019.

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    • He was in post for 4 years, which is most unusual for Defence Sec.
      He is held in high regard. Party bigwigs asked him to run for PM, but he refused to challenge Rishi, as I think he wanted the Nato job, which had his name on it. Unfortunately the Biden/Macron/Scholz bloc put the kybosh on that.
      As head of Nato he would have been a great help for Ukraine. It’s a rotten shame.
      However, I am confident that British-Ukraine military cooperation will not be affected and his successor will be fine. Tugendhat is ex-military and will carry on where Benny left off.
      Penny Mordaunt; also ex-military, would be ideal, but might not see it as a big enough career move.
      The UK was the world’s third biggest military spender behind the U.S. and China, but is now sixth, behind KSA, India, Russia, China and USA.

  1. “I started my political career in the Scottish Parliament in 1999 – 24 years ago. I spent over seven years with three phones by my bed,” the minister told the Sunday Times.

    According to media reports, Wallace told Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about his plans a month ago.

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