Russia has lost superiority in long-range artillery on the southern front – expert (video)

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Now the parties have relative parity, but the situation for Russia is rapidly deteriorating.

Russia has lost its superiority in long-range artillery on the Zaporozhye front and may soon lose it all. 

This opinion was expressed by the military analyst of the German publication Bild Julian Röpke .

The publication published a video in which a HIMARS MLRS missile destroys a Russian long-range 152 mm Giacint-B cannon. Röpke notes that such videos of the destruction of Russian artillery appear more and more often. 

“Against NATO precision-guided 155 mm artillery and guided rocket artillery (HIMARS, M-270, Mars-II), Russian air defense has no chance.

The question remains how long Russia can withstand the deadly accuracy of Ukrainian attacks,” the expert writes.Destruction of the gun “Hyacinth-B”Destruction of the gun “Hyacinth-B”Ryopke recalled that the recently dismissed commander of the Russian 58th Army, Major General Ivan Popov, was just complaining about the lack of counter-battery combat and the mass death of Russian soldiers from Ukrainian artillery. 

“The long-range fire of the Russians is weakening. If even last summer it was said that Russia every day fires 10 times more shells at Ukrainian troops than Ukraine at Russian ones, then since then this ratio has almost equalized.

The Ukrainian army is gradually succeeding in destroying Russia’s powerful long-range guns on Zaporozhye front. There are probably a few dozen of them left, but their fate seems to be sealed,” Repke believes.

Destruction of Russian artillery

“Hyacinth-B” is a Soviet 152-mm towed gun, which is in service with the post-Soviet countries. Depending on the type of ammunition, it can shoot at a maximum distance of 12 to 33 km. 

As of the beginning of 2022, the Russian army had at its disposal several dozen of these guns and about a thousand more were in storage.In the last two months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been especially active in destroying Russian artillery at the front. According to the General Staff , 4,463 artillery systems have been destroyed to date, of which about a quarter were destroyed in May-June of this year. 

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