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Ian Bremmer:

Nato adjacent

A poignant comment from Clive Barrett:

“To be the President of a country that is being savaged by a terrorist state, seeing all these well dressed people having a good time, dressed up, drinking, laughing, as if nothing is wrong, must be heartbreaking.”

Comment from Barry Iremonger :

“The reality is his country is fighting for it very survival.. His troops are dying to protect not only their people but the reality no one wants to admit fighting for Europes too .. NATO’s and the EU’s attitude is arrogant and repugnant at best and I say that as a European because without the Ukrainian leader and the Ukrainian forces Putin would be in Poland by now .. You are all looking at the 3rd European War right now it’s happening, just as all looked on in 1938 .. The Ukrainian people are dying and fighting for all of us but you just chose to ignore the reality .. If Ukraine 🇺🇦 loses in this offensive, Putin’s boys will be knocking down on the doors of Nato countries before you can pontificate, their next possible move .. Remember Putin has used only 1/3 of his regular forces and has an military alliance with China, all are ignoring .. And Putin has nothing to lose he’s unwell and has no way out except to widen the war. We are dancing with the Devil in Dealing with Putin , Europe and NATO should be counting their blessings they have the Ukrainians fighting for them .. What if the so called Russian uprising was not that but a false flag action .. no one has spoke about that prospect..What then!”

Paul Casebourne:

“The top three strategies are: 1. Strengthen international alliances: This strategy is crucial as it would provide Ukraine with economic, political, and military support from its allies. Strengthening alliances with the European Union, United States, and other like-minded countries would enhance Ukraine’s security and increase its leverage in negotiations with Russia. 2. Domestic reforms: Implementing comprehensive domestic reforms to address corruption, improve governance, and strengthen the rule of law is essential for Ukraine’s long-term stability and economic growth. These reforms would not only attract foreign investments but also demonstrate Ukraine’s commitment to becoming transparent and accountable. 3. Military modernisation: Prioritizing the modernisation of Ukraine’s armed forces and enhancing its defense capabilities is crucial for deterring further aggression from Russia. Investing in advanced weaponry, improving training and readiness, and strengthening partnerships with NATO would bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities and send a strong message to Russia that any further aggression would be met with a robust response. That’s why he’s there, as for the photo that’s his wife, he’s hardly alone! He’s a Gentleman.”


Zhenia Sydorkin:

Yet another lie and twisted reality from the General of the #russianarmy. #SergeiShoigu said that “In the event that the United States supplies cluster munitions to #Ukraine, the russian armed forces will be forced to use similar weapons against the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a response.

Take a brief look at the scale of #clustermunitions debris in Kharkiv city alone. Those munitions are being widely used by russia from the very first day of the full-scale invasion to Ukraine.




Jaanika Merilo’s Post:

NATO failed.

My personal opinion NATO failed and did not stand up nor deliver real results for Ukraine which is fighting our common enemy. However we sugarcoat it.

It echoed 2008 NATO Summit where Ukraine was already hinted about “sometimes you will become a member”. As Ukraine joked “You will get cold from standing in the open doors of NATO” and let´s face it – the door is not really open for Ukraine. It might be openED “when all conditions are met and every member agrees,” as Jens Stoltenberg said, showing this time really poor communications.

But let´s start from the beginning.

Ukraine has managed its expectations since 2008 when at Bucharest Summit Ukraine asked for the NATO Membership Action Plan. Since 2014, joining NATO has been one of its priorities and in 2019 Ukraine even amended its Constitution, stating that Ukraine’s goals are memberships in NATO and EU. Yes, the shift to NATO standards in Armed Forces started as well already in 2014.

So, 15 years later there is still no invitation or even an understanding on what steps are needed for Ukraine to join NATO. List of steps is not that much to ask really.

So, Ukraine was assured that it can join NATO without a Membership Action Plan (as Finland and Sweden) as soon as “all the conditions are met and all the allies agree?” What if they don´t? As far as I remember, the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has underlined several times that “all members agree that the place for Ukraine is in NATO”. If all agree, why Ukraine did not receive an invitation to join? Not during the war but indicating that as soon as the war is over? So all members do not agree, and this “short-cutting on action plan” is nice but does not help until Ukraine has the invitation, right?

And as long as any country can oppose, like Hungary, Ukraine might keep on standing and getting cold in this “open door”, right?

So what did Ukraine receive after 500+ days of full-scale war fighting against the common enemy?

– no need for time-consuming process to prepare Membership Action Plan. – the alliance is creating a NATO-Ukraine Council – allies are continuing nonlethal assistance to Ukraine and extending an existing program to “help rebuild the Ukrainian security and defense sector and transition Ukraine towards full interop with NATO.”

My personal opinion – no one really expected the envelope with an invitation. Maybe a letter with steps that need to be taken. Maybe it even was as good as it gets in the current situation BUT presenting it as victory is annoying. “When all agree after all has been done” is quite far from victory.

“Sorry, we failed”, would have been more fair. “It was as good as we could do in current conditions and as soon as we end the war together, we will all be ready” would have been better.

And thank you for security guarantees G7, let’s see what they mean. It seems that for now NATO is under Ukraine´s security umbrella.

(Delfi studio pic, me right)


Marijn Markus:

🇩🇪 Reminder that #Germany joined #NATO
Despite TECHNICALLY still being at war with the USSR,
A nuclear power and #UN Security Council member.

🤯 A part of Germany was even OCCUPIED.
And more: Germany had no clear borders in the east,
And disputed territories with both Poland and the USSR

And yet, Western Germany 𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐝 NATO in May 1955.

👉 The state of war with the USSR ended 𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 that year,
In September 1955, during the Adenauer-visit to Moscow.

👉 The eastern border wasn’t officially recognized
Until 1970, by the Treaty of Warsaw.

None of this was a problem back then.
But today, as #Ukraine seeks to join NATO

It is considered a problem 😑

Ethics #Security

StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦


Stephanie Brandt:

It’s past time for all Western multinationals to exit Russia as long as the invasion of Ukraine continues!



The “Feckless 400“ :


Korkut Ozgen:

“We won’t trade a single Ukrainian village for NATO membership”

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

Все буде Україна!
Слава Україні!

standwithukraine #standupforukraine #armukrainenow #ukraine #kharkiv #dnipro #donetsk #luhansk #odesa #kyiv #kherson #mariupol #bakhmut #dnipro #izyum #chernihiv #crimea #ternopil #rivne #sumy #poltava #cherkasy #lviv #IvanoFrankivsk #zaporizhzhia #russianwarcrimes #genocide


And finally, a very beautiful warrior; Oleksandra.

Brought to you by LinkedIn member Nataliia I:


There are currently 42,000 servicewomen, making a total of almost 60,000 when including civilians. #Women in Ukraine are #not required to serve in the military, thus all of these women are #fighting #voluntarily.

Oleksandra is a #rifleman in the Armed Forces of #Ukraine

Age – 24 years old No rank, #she is still a #volunteer Experience – 4 years

💡What saves you from giving up and breaking down right now? Ukrainian #kids. Nothing saddens my heart more than seeing Ukrainian children perish and suffer as a result of this war. There is no doubt about it when I see our children crying. We must do all possible to ensure that our children grow up under a peaceful sky in a free and independent Ukraine, that they love their lives, and that they only know war from history.

💡What impressed you the most during the full-fledged war?

My #friends. Those who return to fight after losing limbs or being severely injured. Valentyna, my friend who sells vegetables in the market #under fire in Mykolaiv to save money for her husband’s protective vest. Andriy, my brother-in-arms, who, while at battle, thinks not only about himself but takes cats from positions to find them #homes. These are our people. And these folks represent the #face of #Ukraine.

They hold the key to our best and brightest future. Our brightest and most powerful future. #supportUkraine 🇺🇦


  1. Embedded in the above selection of posts is a link to a Fortune 500 article: “The Feckless 400.”


    “Auchan – The massive French retail chain continues to operate no less than 240 stores in Russia, employing thousands of people. Worse yet, Auchan appears to be doubling down by stepping into the vacated market shares of its erstwhile Western suppliers who now refuse to sell into Russia by filling many of its Russian stores with almost exclusively its own private-label products.”

    I think it’s time for the likes of Auchan to get its comeuppance.

    It is owned by the Roman Catholic Mulliez family. Obviously their religion does not seem to have had any effect on their integrity.

    But then their leader is the Argentinian “liberation theologian” Francis; who supported the fascist Galtieri regime and now provides tacit support to putler.

    • Never forget that the Roman Catholics are the biggest hypocrites on this planet, followed closely by the other money grubbing parasites in Western governments, who can’t seem to forgo on a buck to force these companies out of mafia land. Morals always stop where the potential loss of money starts, and may it be completely soaked with human blood.

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