Ukrainian Forces Destroyed Large Russian Military Convoy

The Russians launched an assault near the Donetsk Airport but were rebuffed.


Soldiers of the 53rd Volodymyr Monomakh Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled a massive armoured assault by the Russian occupiers, destroying several infantry fighting vehicles with enemy crews. According to, the brigade reported this on Facebook, showing a video of a part of the defence operation.

OSINT enthusiasts located one of the combat episodes from the video – this is the outskirts of the village of Vodiane on the Avdiivka front line, 3 km northwest of the western end of the route to the Donetsk airport.

“The enemy attempted to break through, but everything, as usual, went “according to plan”. All units of the 53rd Brigade reacted instantly and ruthlessly eliminated all the enemy combat vehicles and manpower,” the message reads.

According to the soldiers, nine infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed.

According to another OSINT resource, the video also contains footage of repelling the attack by Russians near the town of Krasnohorivka, it’s the same direction: this is the north flank of the enemy’s encirclement offensive attempt against the Avdiivka fortified area.


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