The G7 countries agreed on a declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine

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The G7 countries are starting the process of negotiations with Ukraine on defining long-term security obligations for it.

The leaders of the “Big Seven” countries (G7, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, France and Italy) agreed on a declaration of security support  for Ukraine. 

It can be joined by all countries that wish to make commitments to provide security guarantees to Kyiv.According to the correspondent of UNIAN, the joint declaration of the leaders of the G7 countries on support for Ukraine was announced by Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida. 

He noted that the leaders agreed that “unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force or coercion are unacceptable anywhere in the world.” They also decided to “protect a free and open international order based on the rule of law.”

“This declaration will be open to any country that shares the intention to support Ukraine. I hope that many countries will decide to join. The Big 7 will continue to stand on the side of Ukraine. We will never shy away from our solidarity,” Kisida emphasized.

In turn, US President Joe Biden said that the first meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council had just ended.

“All allies agreed that Ukraine’s future lies with NATO,” Biden said and added that this should not surprise anyone.

The American leader also confirmed that all allies have decided to “remove the membership action plan requirements for Ukraine and create a path to NATO membership when Ukraine continues to make progress in implementing the necessary reforms.

“Biden added that without waiting for the completion of this process, the G7 leaders are making long-term commitments for the security of Ukraine.In particular, guarantees that can be provided now were discussed together with Zelenskyi. 

“Today, we are making long-term commitments, backed by the understanding that we will now provide security for the needs of Ukraine and against any aggression that may occur,” Biden emphasized.

In this regard, the US president emphasized that the G7 leaders are launching a joint declaration of support for Ukraine, which clearly emphasizes that our support will continue long into the future.

“This initiates a process through which each of our states and any other countries that wish to participate will negotiate long-term bilateral security obligations with and for Ukraine,” Biden emphasized.

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak emphasized that the declaration of support for Ukraine is a great result, which was preceded by many months of daily work of the team at the level of national security advisers of the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany, as well as in communication with other partners.

He noted that this is an important victory for Ukraine on its way to NATO. According to Yermak, the declaration takes into account both the needs of Ukraine and the capabilities of allies. 

“The key thesis of the declaration is the confirmation of the fact that the security of Ukraine is a component of the security of the Euro-Atlantic region. This thesis is reinforced by the mention of Ukraine’s future membership in NATO,” the head of the OP emphasized.

According to him, the approved security guarantees include measures to help Ukraine protect and prevent new aggression, including the supply of weapons, support in the development of the defense-industrial complex, training, cooperation in the field of intelligence and cyber security. 

In addition, the guarantor countries will help increase the stability of the Ukrainian economy and energy industry and provide technical and financial assistance.

The declaration also provides for measures in the event of a new aggression, which include immediate consultations in order to provide Ukraine with everything necessary for defense as soon as possible. 

Guarantor countries should also support Ukraine in holding Russia accountable for its aggression and take economic and legal steps to punish Russia and increase its war spending. It is about the further strengthening of sanctions, the freezing of assets, the creation of mechanisms for the collection of reparations and the prosecution of those guilty of crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainians in accordance with the norms of international law. 

“An important point of the guarantees is further support for the democratic development of Ukraine,” Yermak clarified.

He reminded that the declaration itself is a general framework document, and later Ukraine will conclude bilateral security agreements with individual guarantor countries. 

In addition, the document is open and allows other non-G7 countries to join the security guarantees. The head of the OP also noted that security guarantees will be valid until Ukraine joins NATO. 

Yermak emphasized the importance of winning the war and signing guarantees before the 2024 NATO summit in Washington.

Security guarantees for Ukraine

On July 11, it became known that the G7 countries will offer separate security guarantees to Ukraine. 

These guarantees will be part of efforts to support Ukraine while it is not a NATO member. Kyiv’s allies will also promote interaction between the capabilities of Ukraine and NATO. They will support the development of the country’s defense industry, train its troops, share intelligence and strengthen cyber defenses.

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