In the Kherson region, Russians threaten to deport Ukrainians to Siberia without Russian passports

Local collaborators on Ukrainians and conduct baseless checks on locals.

In Genichesk, in the occupied Kherson region , Russian invaders threaten locals without Russian passports with deportation to Siberia and confiscation of all property.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in Genichesk, the invaders are intensifying repressions against Ukrainian citizens.”According to available information, it has become much easier to get to the basement,” the report says.

It is noted that local collaborators, wanting to curry favor with the Russian occupation authorities, constantly slander citizens and conduct groundless checks with locals. “The invaders also threaten the local population that in the absence of a Russian passport, citizens will be forcibly deported to Siberia and all property will be confiscated,” the General Staff said. 

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  1. Nothing will stop ukrainians with ruSSian passports from fighting the invaders. If they can prove their ukrainian origin (citizenship before forced ruSSification) they will get back their original citizenship without much bureaucracy anyway.

    • They can prove it easily, just by speaking Ukrainian. russians have big problems speaking Ukrainian.

      • I totally disagree. All people loyal to their country deserve protection, even if they don’t speak a single word of ukrainian. This is free Ukraine, not an opressive dictatorship like Putin’s RuSSia.

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