Ukraine’s Foreign Minister calls on Berlin to not block Ukraine’s fast accession to NATO

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, has urged official Berlin to not block Ukraine’s fast accession to NATO. 

Source: Kuleba in an interview with ARD Tagesthemen on Monday, quoted by DPA

Quote: “I urge the German government not to repeat these mistakes made by Merkel in 2008.”

Details: Kuleba has said that there is already an overwhelming majority of NATO members who support Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance as soon as possible.

In 2008, at the NATO summit in Bucharest, Germany and France opposed Ukraine’s membership and the granting of the Membership Action Plan for the country to join the Alliance.

Background: According to an internal German government document leaked to the media, the Scholz government will “not agree to any wording at the Vilnius summit that would create the impression of a fast track for Ukraine’s accession”.

At the same time, Kuleba said earlier on Monday that after a discussion, NATO member states agreed to cancel the Membership Action Plan for Ukraine’s path to accession. The MAP includes numerous steps and conditions that Kyiv would have to fulfil before being invited to join NATO.

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