South Korea sends additional non-lethal military supplies to Ukraine

On Monday, South Korea dispatched a military transport aircraft to send additional non-lethal military supplies to Ukraine.

The relevant statement was made Yonhap, referring to a defense official, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

The defense ministry made the decision to provide the supplies at Kyiv’s request, the official said, noting that Seoul has offered humanitarian and military logistics support to help Ukraine defend its freedom.

“We decided to send additional military supplies in consideration of Ukraine’s request, and have sent a military transport aircraft to transport related materials,” the official told.

Traditionally, the plane’s destination and other details were not disclosed.

The move came as President of the Republic of Korea Yoon Suk Yeol departed for Lithuania on Monday to attend the NATO Summit later this week, where the protracted war in Ukraine is expected to be a prominent agenda item.

South Korea has sent various forms of non-lethal aid to Ukraine in its war against Russia’s invasion but rejected Kyiv’s requests for lethal weapons so far.

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  1. South Korea can be forgiven, they got Kim, Xi and Putin in front of their house door. Others should be shamed for not helping.

  2. Korea war : wiki:

    Some 1,780,000 Americans served in the war,[1] with 36,574 killed, 103,284 wounded, and over 7,100 prisoners of war.

    UK contribution
    Over 81,000 British service personnel were deployed during the Korean war. This was the second largest international contribution after that of the United States in support of the UN response.
    Of this number, over 1,100 were killed in action, thousands were injured and 1,060 suffered as prisoners of war. *


    I reckon that SK should recognize that huge sacrifice and help our allies. If they want to make excuses about lethal weapons, fine. But just send an amount of cash commensurate with its economic power.
    I’d say $6 bn to be going on with.

    *Some might remember the distinguished British blues musician; John Mayall. He was in it! He just retired at age 89.

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