In the Russian Federation, a top occupier who launched Caliber in Ukraine was shot dead

Marta Gichko20:21, 07/10/232 minutes.2298

The slain invader was the commander of the submarine.

In Krasnodar, Stanislav Rzhitsky, deputy head of the city department for mobilization work and commander of the Krasnodar submarine,  was shot dead .According to the Telegram channel ” SHOT “, 42-year-old Stanislav Rzhitsky went for a morning run at eight o’clock. 

An unknown person lay in wait for him near the Olimp sports complex and shot Rzhitsky four times in the back and chest, after which he fled the scene. 

The victim died at the scene from his wounds.A criminal case has been initiated under the article “Murder”, the attacker is being sought.

Stanislav Rzhitsky was a captain of the 2nd rank and commander of the Krasnodar submarine. The Ukrainian media wrote that it was he who launched Caliber in peaceful Ukrainian cities.

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  1. Very good job, whoever did it. I’m sure it was a purposeful assassination of this piece of dog shit. I hope the orc suffered profusely before it croaked.

  2. The murder of Stanislav Rzhitsky, deputy head of the city department for mobilization work and commander of the Krasnodar submarine, who was shot dead in Russia , was the result of investigative measures against Russian war criminals. This opinion was expressed by the ex-deputy of Derjuma of the Russian Federation Ilya Ponomarev.

    “This is the first sign. Indeed, a whole list of people from among the military who participated in the commission of war crimes has been compiled. Rzhitsky is responsible for one of the first high-profile crimes, which was last spring – the bombing of Vinnitsa. Civilians died, a small child, mother died. .. All of Ukraine then mourned for the dead, and there were people who said that they would take revenge, and they took revenge,” he stressed on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel .

    According to the former State Duma deputy, there is a list of war criminals. Most of the surnames in it are little known. Ponomarev noted that appropriate work had been carried out to establish their personal data, addresses, and the like.

    “And, accordingly, unknown patriots are taken to work off and are engaged in restoring justice,” he added, noting that we are talking about thousands of names.

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