Videos of a Wretched War, Part II: Warning to the faint-hearted!

July 9, 2023 – by OFP

A dead Russian soldier swallowed almost completely in Ukrainian soil. Only his partially decomposed face is still visible.

WARNING! Some of the following videos and images are not for the faint-hearted or anyone under 18!

This here is a small reminder that this war is much more than just words written in articles, or nontoxic video reports from mainstream media news channels. This is a deadly business. Death is a daily occurrence. Rotting corpses, human skeletons, blood, burns, missing limbs, deep gashes and popped out eyeballs are as commonplace and normal for these soldiers as your daily drive to work. This doesn’t mean it’s all so easy. Each individual finds his – or her – own way in dealing with the daily horrors. Horrors that a country called the Russian Federation, a state sponsor of terrorism and crime syndicate, has brought to Ukraine.

59th brigade storms enemy positions near Mar’inka, Donetsk Oblast.
AFU snipers in Bakhmut.
Catastrophic destruction of Russian tank by the Ukrainian 93rd brigade.

This is also daily reality; the price Ukrainians must pay for their freedom. A medic of the 1st mechanized battalion of the 3rd OShBr treating a severely wounded soldier.
Demilitarized orcs are sent home on pallets in a compressed form!
Dead Russian soldiers somehow compressed for shipment to unknown destination. Blood is still trickling out. To my knowledge, this is an unprecedented and most inhumane way to ship KIAs.
The price for freedom is sometimes very high.
Mangled Russians in Donetsk region. They died gruesomely for their fascist crime boss.
Russian skeletons. They were riding in a stolen civilian automobile when fate caught up to them.
Where’s his head?
This dead Russian soldier was strung up by his feet and beaten by his own people, and then left to die. Extreme violence among orcs is very commonplace.
Members of the Ukrainian 77th Airmobile Brigade enter Russian positions.
Bullseye right into a little orc nest.


  1. Hideous.
    Sadly, for every few dirty, filthy, nazi orcs that get taken out, innocent Ukrainians can also die.

  2. Guess I know what a sh!t sandwich looks like now after seeing pallets of orc mush.
    500 days since intensification of genocide by ruscists against Ukraine.

  3. I think the reason they have put them in a compressor is for practicality.

    There could be so many that they can be bothered to clear up that transportation is a problem.

    Most Supermarkets have a machine that does this with their plastics, then cling film wrapped on a Pallet. The pressure these things make is enough to crush the bodies into a tight pack.

    If they are being mass buried or mass incinerated its a means to an end.

    Another way to do it would be with a heavy duty woodchipper, but of course thats a lot messier.

    A lorry can carry a lot more Palletised bodies than not, so transporting them to the mobile Crems is that much more efficient.

    Anyway, the positive of this is that perhaps the moskali losses are as bad as we think.

    And hope.

    • Of course, it’s all about practicability, but it’s still very morbid. I hope that these images are making their rounds in mafia land, so that the families can see what happens to their loved ones.

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