Girkin’s “lecture” was sabotaged in Russia: a terrorist announced a bomb

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According to the theory of the Russian terrorist, the local police and the FSB probably live off Prigozhin’s money.

Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) found “guilty” of disrupting his speech in the bookstore “Foliage” in St. Petersburg.We are talking about the “Girkin” lectures regarding the rebellion of PMC “Wagner” , announced on July 9th. 

On the eve it became known that the “gathering” against Prigozhin was blocked by the 78th police department, which handed the appropriate warning to the store management.As Girkin noted in his Telegram , a bomb was found as a result of the showdown in Foliage. 

“OMON came to sort it out. In the amount of 6 cars … and all because the “former Strelkov” arrived in St. Petersburg with a lecture on the rebellion of Prigozhin (who, as you know, did not exist in nature). Alone and without weapons. Officially. Without hiding Not with 10,000 heavily armed “musicians.” Without demanding “justice.” And even without a “negotiation sledgehammer,” Girkin pointed out. 

The terrorist concluded that he had four possible reasons for the “sabotage” of the lectures: 

  • Either he threatens the constitutional order of the Russian Federation more than the “rebel” Prigogine, together with his “gang of 15,000 armed scumbags”; 
  • either the leadership of “Liteiny, house 4” (the building of the local department of the FSB) is fully maintained by the founder of PMC “Wagner”;
  • either the head of the UZKS, General Zhalo, lost his mind (or the second option also lives at the expense of Prigozhin, Girkin specified);
  • or in general, all options worked “in a complex,” the terrorist said.

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  1. So, which of all these terrorists in the terrorist country is the worst terrorist?

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