Are Ukrainians Happy with Their French AMX-10 RC Armoured Fighting Vehicles?

July 9, 2023

The French AMX-10RC sometimes is described as a light tank. Image credit: David Monniaux via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The French armoured fighting vehicle AMX-10 RC is sometimes called a wheeled or a light tank because of its large 105 mm gun. It has a 6 x 6 chassis, which is a bit unusual for this type or armoured combat vehicles. France has pledged to supply 40 such vehicles to Ukraine and a good amount from that number should be at the frontlines already. But do Ukrainians like them?

The advantage of the AMX-10 RC is its large gun. In fact, the AMX-10 RC is sometimes described as a wheeled tank destroyer. Its wheeled chassis has one great advantage – speed. Tracked vehicles rarely can travel as wheeled ones.

The AMX-10 RC reaches the top speed of 85 km/h. Modern main battle tanks in comparison can travel at speeds of around 70 km/h. The AMX-10 RC is a bit of a tank in the fact that it has a crew of 4, but its main task is usually to provide close support for infantry and light vehicles.

Are Ukrainians happy about their AMX-10 RC vehicles? Well, the reviews have been mixed. On one hand, the Ukrainian marines of the 37th Brigade said that their French AMX-10 RC combat vehicle covered the attacking infantry very well.

French AMX-10 RC in training mission. Image credit: Officier communication du 4e RCh via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-4.0

Two Russian Ka-52 helicopters managed to fire on the AMX-10 RC, but this machine managed to retreat successfully, even with damaged wheels. Wheels and, especially, tires are typically the weak point of a vehicle like that – tracks can withstand much more. However, that particular AMX-10 RC might have gotten lucky.

The Telegraph reports that the French AMX-10 RC armoured fighting vehicle has armour that’s simply too weak. A 34-year-old Ukrainian soldier with the call sign “Spartan” told reporters that the AMX-10 RC has good weapons and surveillance equipment, but the armour of this machine is very thin.

According to the defender of Ukraine, the AMX-10 RC crew is so poorly protected that using these machines on the front lines is simply pointless and dangerous.

AMX-10 RC in French service. Image credit: davric via Wikimedia

The Telegraph writes that, according to Oryx, Ukraine has already lost three AMX-10 RCs.

The AMX-10 RC has a wheeled chassis, which gives away that this machine is not very heavy – it weighs about 16 tonnes.

How can it be so light despite the 105mm gun? Well, connecting the dots is pretty easy – the armour isn’t very thick. This machine was designed in 1970 – it was a different time. Anti-tank weapons made significant leaps that in terms of armour the AMX-10 RC doesn’t even come close to what tracked vehicles can do.

The defenders of Ukraine will still use them, just not as close to the frontlines. This weakness simply means that some tactics need to be adjusted to find a way to take full advantage of the AMX-10 RC fighting vehicles in Ukraine.


  1. “The defenders of Ukraine will still use them, just not as close to the frontlines. This weakness simply means that some tactics need to be adjusted to find a way to take full advantage of the AMX-10 RC fighting vehicles in Ukraine.”

    Luckily, we’ve heard better news from our Bradleys. France should send more useful items, like their version of the Storm Shadow. But, I guess the AFU will find a good way to use the AMX-10, maybe as a light self-propelled howitzer, to keep them from harms way, similar to what the cockroaches are doing with the T-55s.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me very much.
    Macron is a tight bastard who is still kissing puker’s ass.
    They have got decent MBT’s: Leclercs and Leopards.
    How many did they send to Ukraine?
    That’s right; fuck all.

    • France wants to be the leader so much, but they simply can’t get it up. No more “Le Grand Nation”.

        • People like you are exactly why the French government cannot afford to send anything else.
          Because speaking like this just make the French hate Ukraine.

          • So what? The EU is just like RuSSia, imperialist. The US is not planning to annex Ukraine other than the filthy EU. The EU is just hybrid. They let the US pay and send arms, when the war is over the EU will swallow all deals to rebuild and absorb Ukraine. FUCK THE EU!

          • The French hate themselves. The fucking place is on fire every couple of years, with riots and mass looting taking place.

          • That’s pure nonsense.
            In your opinion, when a woman gets gang raped, and you hand her a can of pepper spray instead of intervening or at least handing her a pistol, and she complains about the ridiculous pepper spray, you hate her for not appreciating the pepper spray. Do you see the stupidity in this? Good.

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