Russia says providing Ukraine with cluster munitions “will have no effect” on the course of war

Maria Zakharova, Press Secretary for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Saturday afternoon, 8 July, decided to comment on the US decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions.

SourceEuropean Pravda citing Zakharova’s comment published on Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Details: Moscow believes that Washington’s decision to provide Kyiv with cluster munitions is “another blatant manifestation of the aggressive anti-Russian course of the US,” which will turn it into “a de facto accomplice in the territory’s mining”.

Quote: “At the same time, the constant expansion of military supplies, designed, according to the American administration’s plan, to ‘raise the stakes’ in the conflict as much as possible, means an ever deeper involvement of the US and its satellite states in hostilities,” added Zakharova.

The spokeswoman of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that providing Ukraine with cluster munitions “will have no effect on the course” of Russia’s aggressive war.

But she did not mention that Russian troops have been actively using cluster munitions since the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, and that they have caused significant harm to the civilian population and Ukraine’s territories.

Background: On Friday, the US Department of Defense released details of a new USD800 million military aid package to Ukraine, which includes dual-purpose improved conventional munitions (DPICM), or cluster munitions.

The White House has previously explained that Ukraine pledged to minimise the risk of using cluster munitions. And those that the US will provide may cause far less risk to civilians than those that Russia already uses on the battlefield.

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