Compensation mechanism for damage caused by Russia already found – Justice

A compensation mechanism for the damage caused by Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine has been found.

The relevant statement was made by Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maliuska during a nationwide telethon, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.“Yesterday, a meeting of G7 Justice Ministers took place in Tokyo, where the key topic for discussion was the legal response to the aggression of the Russian Federation.

We have a full understanding with our international colleagues regarding the common goal and the way it should look,” Maliuska told.In his words, such mechanism consists of three main elements. Firstly, the creation of the Register of Damage, which will include all photo and video evidence, witness statements, etc.

“It is already half implemented. An international organization called the International Register of Damage has been created,” Maliuska noted.Forty countries have joined the mechanism and ensure its financing and functioning.

The Ukrainian side expects that the Register will be fully developed and launched in late 2023.Secondly, the establishment of a compensation commission that will review claims and determine the amount of compensation.Thirdly, financing, which is the most challenging matter.

According to Maliuska, all the assets which are now seized and being nationalized will be transferred to relevant compensation funds in order to pay compensation.



  1. Mafia land must be made to bleed for decades for its countless crimes and destruction!

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