Orban is Putin’s man in Europe

Robin Horsfall

July 4, 2023

No right and wrong, no bad people only victims, no foundations.

It should come as no surprise that Victor Orban has blocked European Union support for more funding for Ukraine. His power stems from an extremist right wing agenda. Orban is Putin’s man in Europe. Every European leader knows this but it would undermine European unity to say it. His excuse is his dependency on Russian oil and gas but his is the only EU nation not to take steps to rectify that problem.

It is incredible that a nation that was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1956 should elect a government that supports the Russian Federation. Why? Moderate Hungarians see him for what he is.

About twenty years ago Putin’s government identified a weakness in the democratic system. They understood a majority of voters made their electoral decisions emotionally. They did not read manifestos, they did not listen to political broadcasts they simply voted for the person that told them what they wanted to hear or the best looking one.

The balance of power between left and right wing moderates was usually less that 2% of the vote. The advent of the internet opened new doors that allowed an emotional message to be projected upon a whole population with the intention of swinging that 2%. The message wasn’t obvious, it focused on base negative instincts and drew people’s attention to fear of immigration, envy of wealth and a disenchantment with administration and government. The whole rules based western political system became threatened by a loss of core values. No right and wrong, no bad people only victims, no foundations.

Western values and cultures have been deliberately undermined by a subtle and insidious influencing of the democratic voting system. People who would never previously have been considered suitable for office appeared on voting lists across the west and won. At the same time media moguls identified the power of the internet to influence buyers. In combination extremist politics and monopolising the media to sell product has left democracy weaker than at any time since WW2. Even ‘neutral’ countries have become suspect.

People don’t read and they don’t consider the effects of their votes. To defend the values of democracy and freedom it is vital that more effort is made by moderate groups and governments to influence and educate the general population about those values. The battles with the likes of Victor Orban are far from over and until the silent, moderate majority find their voice we are all in danger from tyrants.

Read, absorb, think again, read again, pause and then speak up!

Slava Ukraini!

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Robin Horsfall


  1. “Every European leader knows this but it would undermine European unity to say it. ”

    I’m not sure how you can have unity in the EU, with an out an out traitor to democracy in your midst. Perhaps showing unity, would be to suspend Hungary from the EU and NATO until it become a democracy again.

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