Defense forces destroy Russia’s three boats, field point in south

In the south, missile and artillery units of the defense forces of Ukraine eliminated 500 Russian soldiers and destroyed a field supply point and three boats of the invaders over the past day.

The Operational Command “South” posted the report on Facebook.

Missile and artillery units destroyed three enemy D-20 and Giatsint self-propelled guns and three vehicles.

Over the past day, Ukrainian aircraft attacked two Russian manpower concentration sectors in Kherson and Kakhovka districts.

The situation in the area of responsibility of the southern defense forces, according to the command, has not changed critically and remains stable and tense.

Last night, the Russian army launched two airstrikes from Su-35 fighter jets on Beryslav and Kherson sections, dropping guided aerial bombs.

The enemy also continues to use Lancet combat drones, directing them deeper to the rear of the front line. One Lancet UAV was shot down by the air defense forces in Beryslav district.

According to the Operational Command “South”, the Russian troops shelled the right bank and the area of the Dnipro–Buh estuary opposite to Kinburn more than 60 times, using more than 310 shells over the past day.

Among the settlements, Kherson, Antonivka, Dniprovske, and Stanislav suffered the most from enemy shelling.

As reported, the Russians shelled Kherson region 68 times over the past day, injuring six people.

On the morning of July 4, the Russian army struck Kherson with artillery, killing two civilians.

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