A polyclinic overhauled with the money of the European Bank was opened in Odessa

The polyclinic department of city hospital No. 8 was opened after a major overhaul at the 15th station of the Big Fountain.

This is one of the five objects in Odessa, the work on which was financed by the European Investment Bank, the Odessa mayor’s office reported.

According to the director of hospital No. 8, Maria Bobkova, modern renovation was the first in the history of the polyclinic building, built almost 70 years ago. They did not just carry out repairs here – they completely updated all communications, installed modern fire alarms, a new computer network and a modern laboratory.

“What we have done in these three years is fantastic. Most importantly, a trauma center will finally appear in the Kievsky district and our residents will not need to look around the city where they can receive urgent trauma care.”

Bobkova noted that, despite the fact that the war shifted the deadlines for the completion of repairs, the department did not stop accepting patients for a day.

Igor Kistenev-Kavkazsky, head of the Program for the Renewal of Ukraine at the UN, said that a total of 37 million hryvnias were spent on the work, of which 23 million were funds from the European Investment Bank. The rest was allocated by the Odessa mayor’s office.

“The main criterion for selecting objects was social significance,” said a UNDP representative. – It depends on the number of immigrants. This is one of five projects that are currently being completed. This is a synergy project: almost all construction work was financed by the European Bank, UNDP provided monitoring at all stages of the project, and equipment, furniture and medical equipment were purchased at the expense of the city government. This is a great indicator when international institutions, the central ministry and the city government together can create a cool project.”

It should be noted that a few days ago the second stage of objects was approved, the money for which will be given by the EIB. These are 13 objects, seven of which are located in Odessa, six more in the region. The total amount of financing is about UAH 1.5 billion.


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