Time to give General Zaluzhnyi what he needs

By Lemuel Chyme

Palookaville Free Press

July 2, 2023

General Milley said on July 1st : “Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia will be difficult and “very bloody.”

That was just the latest of a series of inappropriate remarks by this senior military man. If he had instead said : “Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia has the potential to be difficult and very bloody. But with the wide range of superior weaponry, tactical support, intel and logistical support that we will provide, we will endeavour to ensure that it won’t be.”

That would surely have been a lot more helpful?

Let’s hope his replacement will be a lot better.

According to wiki (not 100% reliable, but probably not far off the mark), Ukraine currently has 700,000 active personnel, with 1.000,000 in reserve.

Both categories need to double.

Each year, 470,000 reach military age annually. It does not say whether that refers to both sexes. (There is not time here to debate contentious issues about there being more than two). In any case, Ukraine’s women are already proven to be great warriors. We have all seen moving photos of beautiful Ukrainian women who look more like they belong on the catwalk, but instead carry sniper rifles.

The military needs to conscript 200,000 each year and mobilize another 300,000 from the 11.1m+ that are of military age (16-49). 6.9m are considered fit for military service. Leaving 4.1m that are not fit for military service. (For whatever reason).

If the war ends; as all humans with souls hope, with the expulsion of ALL Russian invaders from ALL Ukrainian territory, then Ukraine will still have to rebuild their military massively. They will need a standing army of 1.5m, with the same number in reserve. They will need a navy and a large, modern Air Force with an operational fleet of a minimum of 350 aircraft, including up to 200 combat jets.

The kremlin murder gang will likely remain largely intact and will immediately commence plotting its next Holocaust.

Since none of Ukraine’s friends will put boots on the ground or planes in the air, Ukraine will have to continue to fight off the cancerous fascist tumour that calls itself Russia all alone.

Of course Ukraine could get lucky and Russia could become less savage and evil, but that looks unlikely for the next two generations.

Therefore they will need a viable nuclear deterrent.

Funding for all of the above should come from seized Russian assets, plus donations, plus investments from entrepreneurs.

Ukraine has vast mineral resources that Russia wants to thieve. Instead they can help pay for liberated Ukraine’s regeneration.

As for the current crisis of Russia’s making: the threat to cause a release of radiation at the ZNPP, it is certainly real and has been since last year when it was first packed with high explosive by the occupiers. A Russian commander last summer said he was ready to do it if given the order. His depraved mindset was “we built it, we own it, it’s our land anyway so we can do what we like.”

Russia already unleashed a WMD scale catastrophe with the Kakhovka Dam by placing tons of high explosives inside the Hydroelectric Power Plant in the dam.

With the deliberate, planned torture, rape and kidnapping of Ukrainian children, they have already proved that they have the scruples and morality of Genghis Khan, Hitler and isis combined. Wagnazi scum and regular serving Russian troops have also raped women, raped babies, raped girls, raped old ladies, raped boys, raped men, castrated men, beheaded men and already committed the type of atrocities previously only seen in pulp horror novels.

Many thousands of horrendous war crimes have been fully documented. How many Russian servicemen have been investigated for these crimes by their commanders? Of course we know the answer to that : zero. That is of course because they are in fact authorised. The worst ones get awards from their sick and evil commander in chief.

Russian social media is full of revolting, gloating comments every time Russians murder Ukrainian children.

This is why there will never be forgiveness or reconciliation. Not even in 100 years.

Whether the Russians decide to unleash radiation at the ZNPP depends on if they think it will benefit them and what they judge the consequences to be. They are committed to evil and have no known limits. Lavrov, a creature of sepulchral malevolence, has denied this plan.

A Lavrov denial is always a bad sign.

A quiet word from the Pentagon assuring them of precisely what those consequences will be, regardless of who is in the WH, would go a long way to averting the crisis.

Tony Blinken really did say the following:

“Ukraine has everything it needs to retake occupied territory.”


Well that just was not true was it? You have only to see what General Zaluzhnyi said recently: he needs more, basically, of everything. Plus ATACMS and F16’s.


This really is the time to step up all levels of support for Ukraine. By a factor of 400%.


  1. “Ukraine has everything it needs to retake occupied territory.”

    Could you imagine the blow-back in the US, had someone come out with a similar statement before Desert Storm?

    • We have seen how the Wagners rolled towards Moscow, destroying flying command posts and whatever else we do not even know of. That was because THEY had all the weapons they needed. Ukraine on the other hand mostly got crap or insufficient ammounts of weapons and ammo. The high body-count would have caused a revolt in the streets of America if their army had such a shitty equipment supplied during a war. It’s all a crying shame.

  2. “Ukraine has everything it needs to retake occupied territory.”

    I would love to see us fighting an enemy the size of mafia land with what Ukraine has. There is not a single American general who would think this to be a good idea.
    Anyhow, many politicians go down in history with famous quotes. This more than stupid quote will be Blinken’s.

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