Right on target: the vaunted Pantsir-S air defense system shot down Storm Shadow, but there is a nuance (video)

Yana Stavskaya15:44, 07/02/23

The Russian Ministry of Defense constantly reports on the successful destruction of Storm Shadow.

Russian air defense forces attempted to intercept a British Storm Shadow cruise missile . However, she still ended up in the Pantsir-S air defense system, which the Kremlin propagandists were very proud of at one time.

A video posted online showed how the Russians actually shoot down such missiles from the armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which regularly hit the rear of the invaders. After all, the Russian Ministry of Defense constantly reports on the successful destruction of Storm Shadow.

The footage shows that the Russians had at least several attempts to intercept the target, as evidenced by conversion marks in the sky, believed to be from interceptor missiles. But soon the same Storm Shadow got into the air defense system, which freely reached the Russian air defense system. The hit was accurate and provoked a large explosion.

Storm Shadow in Ukraine – essentials

The UK officially handed over Storm Shadow cruise missiles , which are capable of hitting more than 200 km, to Ukraine back in May 2023. Since then, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been able to attack the enemy’s deeper rear , depriving him of warehouses, oil storage facilities and destroying his logistics. 

According to Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov, as of May 2023,  Russia has not intercepted a single Storm Shadow. “Of the total number of Storm Shadow launches that have already taken place, all 100% hit targets. 100% on 100%,” he said.

The advantage of high-precision Storm Shadows is that  they can “deceive” enemy air defenses  due to low-altitude flight. The projectile is also protected from the actions of various enemy suppression electronic systems.

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  1. The Pantsir can detect the Storm Shadow missile, but not taken it down……………….thats more than I expected from Russian junk.

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