40 employees of Russian Embassy leave Romania on special flight

40 staff members of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest and their families left Romania aboard a special flight to Moscow on July 1, Ukrainian newswire Interfax-Ukraine reported.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the decision to expel the 40 Russian embassy staff members “reflects the current state of bilateral relations in the context of Russia’s ongoing aggressive war against Ukraine.”

Previously, 50 Russian consular staff had been expelled from Romania on June 8.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that 40 members of the Russian diplomatic mission in Bucharest, together with their family members, are going to leave Romania aboard a civilian plane belonging to a Russian air-line,” the Romanian Foreign Ministry said.

“This measure reflects the implementation of the decision of the Romanian side within the established timeframe in accordance with the procedures used by other EU member states in similar situations.”



  1. 90 spies have been kicked out of Romania, which is a small country with a population of 19 million. How many of these scumbags are polluting the air in larger EU countries?

  2. Goodbye, and good riddance. They are anything but diplomats anyway. They represent a gigantic crime gang.

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