Georgia accuses NATO of unleashing war in Ukraine

Artem Budrin18:39, 05/30/23

Tbilisi is already openly promoting Russian propaganda to the world.

Georgia echoed the Kremlin’s narrative that NATO was the cause of Russia’s war against Ukraine. In the rhetoric of representatives of the ruling circles of the country, there is a spreading narrative that Moscow launched a full-scale invasion due to the rapprochement between Kyiv and the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, NATO, through its actions, has become one of the main factors in Moscow’s military aggression.

“One of the main reasons for the conflict was the expansion of NATO, the desire of Ukraine to become a member of NATO,” Politico reports Garibashvili’s words .

Politico believes that such narratives of Georgia are another sign of Tbilisi’s split with the West. Journalists also note that Vladimir Putin and the ruling circles of the Russian Federation profess the same rhetoric regarding the reasons for the start of a full-scale invasion.

Russia and Georgia are getting closer to each other: it’s worth knowing

In early March, the Georgian authorities decided to pass a law on foreign agents , which is practically a copy of a similar Russian-style law. Due to public pressure, it was subsequently decided not to take such a step .

The President of Georgia has criticized the government of the country due to the fact that he has the same rhetoric as the Kremlin. Salome Zurabishvili said that Tbilisi and Moscow speak the same language about opening a “second front” in Georgia.

On May 15 air communication between Georgia and Russia resumed . Tbilisi stated that it would be impragmatic to refuse such a step.

The Georgian government recently commented on its decision to meet Russia halfway, calling such moves a “strategic policy of patience . 

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  1. Garibashvili is the puppet of Ivanishvili, who is in turn the puppet of putler.
    This latest spewing of standard kremprop is proof that Georgia is now a defacto colony of putlerstan.
    Georgians find themselves in exactly the same position as Armenia. But with one big difference: Armenians like Russia and like speaking Russian.
    Georgians hate Russia. Who will help them break free of putinaZi influence?
    Tumbleweed and crickets……..

    • It was always a special treat for me to visit Georgian restaurants in Ukraine. Each time I did I wanted to visit Georgia. I fear that will never happen now and it looks like they’ve succumbed to their wicked neighbor. Sad because their wicked neighbor is as weak as its been in a century.

  2. If I were part of the Georgian authorities, I would be very careful before throwing myself into the arms of the bear and I would watch the demonstrations of March 8-10 in Tbilisi over and over.

    “No to Russian law!”

  3. The current Georgian government has voluntarily made itself a slave to mafia land. I hope the Georgian people will not tolerate this.

  4. Georgian voices Matter!
    Fantastic version of the Ukrainian anthem by the Georgian Ensemble Tbilisi.

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