The Russian Foreign Ministry called the conditions for achieving peace: Ukraine will have to give up part of the territories and recognize the Russian language as the state language 

08:44, 27 May 2023Source: 

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin, in an interview with TASS, listed Moscow’s demands on Kyiv to achieve peace. In particular, Ukraine will have to refuse to join the EU and NATO.

According to the deputy minister, first of all, in order to “settle the conflict”, Ukraine must stop hostilities, and Western countries must stop supplying weapons.

At the same time, in order to achieve a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace,” Galuzin argues, Ukraine must return to a neutral non-bloc status, as well as recognize “new territorial realities that have emerged as a result of the realization of the right of peoples to self-determination.”

The deputy minister added that the protection of the rights of Russian-speaking citizens and national minorities is also an important element in achieving peace: “The state status of the Russian language should be fixed at the legislative level. It is necessary to achieve observance in Ukraine of fundamental human rights, including the right to freedom of religion,” he concluded.

Previously, Russia did not demand that Ukraine renounce its membership in the European Union and secure the status of the state language for the Russian language. In particular, in June 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is not against Ukraine’s entry into the EU, because it “is not a military organization, a military-political bloc, unlike NATO.”

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly said that they consider the only condition for the end of the war to be the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. 

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  1. And the Ukrainian flag will be replaced by the Russian flag……………….and the currency wil be the ruble……………………..and their will be peace according this Nazi.

  2. Mafia land is in no position to demand anything, neither politically nor militarily. And, its position will only deteriorate ever more as time goes by.

  3. In the Kremlin, Uruk-hai are Incurable, terminally ill!
    Only Ukrainian “medicine” can do something for them and end their suffering.

    They will never stop wanting to devour their neighbors with rage. They were made like that. No other software works on these “hellish machines”.

  4. There can only be one response to this blackmail from the most evil nazi regime that ever existed: instant membership of NATO and the EU. It just takes integrity.

  5. I have a better idea for peace. Destroy every cockroach in Ukraine. Remove all nukes from russia, then declare russia as a neutral, demilitarized country.

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