Kamikaze drones attacked an oil pumping station in the Pskov region

Yuri Kobzar10:59, 05/27/23

At least two drones exploded early in the morning near an oil pipeline in the northwest of the Russian Federation.

In the Pskov region of Russia, an unknown drone attacked the infrastructure of an oil pipeline. This was announced by the governor of the region Mikhail Vedernikov .

“Today, early in the morning, as a result of an explosion, the administrative task of the oil pipeline near the village of Litvinovo, Nevelsk district, was damaged. There were no casualties,” he wrote in his telegram.

Vedernikov later clarified that the building was attacked by two drones at once. According to the telegram channel “Baza” , at about half past five in the morning, the pumping station of “Transneft” was attacked, the facades and glazing of three administrative buildings were damaged.

It should be noted that from this village to the Ukrainian border in a straight line almost 500 kilometers – if measured along a short route through Belarus. If you make a “detour” around Belarus, then even further.

Incidents in Russia – latest news

Today in the Russian Federation they announced a drone attack on the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the village of Maisky, Belgorod Region. According to preliminary data, a UAV dropped an explosive device on the building of the migration department. 

A day earlier, a whole series of mysterious incidents occurred, during which the Gazprom building near Belgorod, the MTS building in Krasnodar and a military airfield near Rostov were attacked by unknown air targets.

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